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Ancient Mosaic

cat July 11th, 2011 by Virtual Keeper

Ancient Mosaic and its equipment. Mosaic mural or mosaic – a picture from pieces of stone and glass. Its history dates back to the 2 floor. 4 millennium BC. Mosaic was born in the Hellenistic cities and states, but has become a symbol Art of Ancient Rome. The Art of the Ancient Roman Empire have combined a one hand Hellenistic traditions, such as geometric proportionality and visually balanced work of art and architecture. On the other hand, the aesthetics of the Roman Empire has developed from its imperial ambitions, which meant by a pathos, pomp, solemnity and tserimonialnost and displays global and versatility Roman policy, as well as the important role of the Roman aristocracy.

In ancient Rome were laid mosaic floors and walls of private houses, public palaces term. Mosaic combined an aesthetic beauty and practical for such places decor. In ancient times mosaic was prevalent everywhere. This was due to the fact that the form of decorative art was relatively inexpensive. While the mosaic was the most durable type of floor finish walls sidewalks, facades, because of small stones, pebbles, rubble from the crumbling cliffs, that is material to the mosaic was in excess, as compared to other finishing materials. Ceramics only began to develop at this time, and making tiles out of the huge monolithic stones were very time consuming and expensive. This type of finish, such as wood Apennines and Greece was not very reliable and sturdy. The technology of construction of megalithic buildings had gone into past.

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Reading Electronic Books

cat July 3rd, 2011 by Virtual Keeper

Despite the fact that the Internet is expanding its boundaries, there are more places of public access to the network and growing audience of users, e-books are losing their percentage of users. They continue to produce under high-sounding titles, users download them, along with other programs, but they are reading less and less. Video crowding e-books, and has appeared as an alternative to their type – audio books or e-books with audio pronunciation. Of course, e-books will not disappear, since the rare instances of foreign or sometimes can only be found on the Internet. Even the e-books cheaper than their offline counterparts.

But, to be realistic, who needs foreign literature, when full information and websites in foreign languages, who need rare books, if they are not popular? Record audio in MP3 player and listen at your leisure much easier than buy a special device for reading electronic books. However, since not a lot of audiobooks, and they do not allow re-think, re-read the text, recently made another step in the manufacture of devices for e-book reader. These devices simulate a real book, so called, and books, only electronic. There are many developments in this area, there are cheaper options, a lot of talk about e-books from Sony with very informal support in Russia, but we'll talk about the development of Ukrainian-Chinese – Lbook eReader. According to reports, since the early release of the device a success.

Good quality and new technology will in the future carry with them all the knowledge of mankind. And the format of electronic books, audio much easier and includes a bright and colorful images. Lbook eReade equipped with good navigation and a PC adapter to the usual built-in MP3 player and, just for reading e-books or audio for background music. The device is very nice and supports many formats e-books, product builds on the authors and audio collects in a separate category. Can not turn the pages, if you set the time to replace the image, but actually it is very difficult to predict. But reading electronic books with him, the assurance of the creators, also harmless to the eye, as well as reading ordinary books. But 13 600 rubles, the price … – consider a second computer. So we will wait Anticrisis and mass production. And while I'm making available their free e-books, I do not find time to make their choice for PDAs and mobile phones, but plan to make them an audio file and have put in each text-only version. So, for people for all, for the sake of ideas, for the sake of life on Earth.

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