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However they are not those who comply with the lead role in the company, however they are always the right hand in their heads. Now, I wonder how he moved from the Offline world to the Asi Virtual as before entrepreneurs in the OffLine world delegated their duties to his Secretary, in the Virtual world came the Virtual assistance, enabling them to the entrepreneurs virtual, delegate those tasks that are routine, or perhaps to go on vacation will not lose continuity with his followers on the social networks. The assistants or virtual Secretaries we deal with tasks in many cases our customers Emarketing, collaborating with them to disseminate articles and videos on different platforms. For that reason the commitment to continuous training is from the first moment that we decided to develop this independent activity. Why can we help you? For two fundamental reasons: one person can not deal with everything either must choose which tasks give greater importance, and in many cases or you’re wanting to grow your entrepreneurship and finding many time on your Web site or perhaps lose continuity in social networks, which are the prior and essential step to bring credibility to your customers. Because we want your business to grow it is necessary that you only you spend on tasks that are you consider essential for your business and thus optimize your productive time and delegating those tasks that do not allow you to grow your business. Perhaps now you wonder if it is time to hire personnel in your company or not. For many entrepreneurs, and more if we talk about the virtual world, spending which again causes the recruitment staff forces them to work in the most absolute solitude, however, virtual assistants are already owners of our own entrepreneurship, and work independently, therefore, we have decided to hire our services only you do it by working hours that may be from a specific day or month, and there is only a business relationship between you and us, so it won’t have to pay Social security or pay extra.

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Virtual Assistants

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There is great confusion about the term virtual assistants and this usually happens because there are two types of definitions used for this concept which typically complicates a clear identification of the same. In fact since long ago have been popularized the computerised customer care applications available on Web pages. These applications show us a virtual representation of a human being which we can make questions than answered vebdran econ a focus of attention to the client. This type of depictions have been calling themselves virtual assistants what creates confusion with another existing concept. We refer to the virtual assistants or virtual receptionists engaged in development work of the services that offer us virtual secretarial firms. This type of virtual assistants are not computerized representations of living beings they really are people who work for our company through outsourcing. In particular the virtual secretariat is a type of service offered by companies from outsourcing to organizations and freelancers.

These companies primarily developed two types of services. On the one hand we can see calls attention, that consists of the reception of calls of the company and its proper management (filtering, reply etc.). On the other hand this all the related to agenda management and treatment of quotations and it includes the Organization of all the meetings and meetings of various kinds through mechanism that operated in time real and allow may have the feeling of working with a real Secretary. In this way the virtuality of belonging to an enterprise’s remote attendees arises from not physical contiguity between them and the client-company that managed the activities. However we must not forget us here if that talk about people of flesh and blood dedicated to favour the company that hires his services.

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