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Facebook Data

cat October 29th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Social networks, with Facebook at the head, have revolutionized the way of understanding and using the Internet, thus generating new unknowns some of them with a difficult solution (in particular those related to the privacy and protection of data). Through this article raised some of these unknowns that we will try to respond, while the Spanish data protection agency provides us with its own recommendations: meant in fact no. 1: company a wall (X) creates a user of Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook users express their tastes, put your comments, photos, videos and can receive news about X as alerts or messages within the network itself. Turns X into the file manager? A company becomes responsible for a file when it decides the purpose, content and use of a file that contains personal data. Although X can decide on the purpose and use that will make the data of users of Facebook, the truth is that you don’t have decision-making capacity on the contents of the file, since that is subject to the limitations imposed by Facebook in its own network. Nor does it seem clear that wall of X can be considered an organized set of personal data that allows access to data according to certain criteria (which is the definition of file that provides the rules) therefore, and notwithstanding that AEPD opine differently in the near future, X will not be liable for data contained in Facebook while not removing the social network the personal data of users of the same.

In fact meant no. 2: Facebook Connect the plot thickens. In this case, Facebook and X want that data from their respective files are displayed in their own services online; i.e. If the user has a profile on Facebook, your name and photo appear on some own x (games, applications) online service and X user activity is published automatically (and provided that the user allows it) on his Facebook wall.

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Information Exchange In The Construction Industry

cat October 29th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

You’re young and you want to have your own house? But you do not know where to start and who to contact? Especially for this was created an interesting and easy to manage site You can share your idea with other attendees site, ask them for advice, ask their opinion. We can not always find what we need in stores, online you can find something that interests you and even more, you can watch what’s new building materials. If you need help in building you will not regret it, that went to the site, here you will not only find a way to solve your problems, but still communicate with interesting people who will glad to help. If you decide to do construction or repairs on their own, thanks to the broadest base of information site you can choose the material that you need and will meet your taste. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of content management, you will not want to leave it. Moreover, the site you can ask for help in pre-sales repair of apartments, furnish office and industrial – a brand new project in runet created to share information in the construction industry, among users. – this innovative building technology! – a novelty in the field of building technology! – a constantly updated database of building information! – blog building trends and brands! – it instantly-updated bulletin board in the construction industry! – this is the best site for job seekers building solutions! – is to help in the construction of cottages, country houses, industrial facilities, warehouses and storage facilities, residential estates and shopping malls! – this is huge, the widest base building information! – is to help in the repair of apartments on European standard, pre-sales repair of apartments, furnish office and industrial buildings and structures! – is to help in the construction of a key! Ch

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Freud Inquiry

cat October 17th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

The psicanaltica theory of the psicopatologia is a theory of ' ' porqus' '. For Freud chistes, the temporary amnesias, the acts defective were extremely significant in the unconscious psychic constitution of the individual. In another way, the psychoanalysis also fought in the direction to reach the proper scientific severity of sciences positivista of the time, being considered the psychic phenomena under the light of natural sciences. To put the object of study of the psychoanalysis is of the order of the subjectivity and Freud as it detaches Fenichel (1981) the same placed this object in level of other objects of inquiry: ' ' Freud the same investigated the mental world with scientific spirit with that its masters had investigated the physical world, what he implied the same revolt against the taught rules until then. The subject is that it is irrational and not it method of psicanlise' '. (FENICHEL, 1981, p.2) Definition Technique of Psicopatologia Psicanaltica to understand the concept of psicanaltica psicopatologia, is necessary before, to understand each one of the separate areas, even so they is interdisciplinares. The dictionary Doron technician brings definition of psicopatologia, the following form:: …

As branch of psychology, the psicopatologia is based on the knowledge of the normal functioning to unfasten, to describe and to analyze these pathological behaviors. The referring theoreticians and the metodolgico context used to explain these abnormal behaviors are, therefore, varied, as they are the boardings that preside over the description of the normal functioning (DORON, 2001, P. 634) and on the psychoanalysis, says that: ' ' S. Freud of, regarding the psychoanalysis, a definition that, in the reality is trpice: specific procedure of inquiry of the formations of unconscious thought (latent content); therapeutical method of the riots neurotics; new disciplines of the field of psicologia' '. As inquiry procedure the psychoanalysis if characterizes for the methods of free associations …

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RSS Know

cat October 11th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

That’s all! Without names or surnames, or application of where you live or your address of residence or telephone numbers. Scratch all that. Then publish your event. There are two basic ways to publicize your event in ticketea. One of them is by creating a web page with all the basic information on it that can include photos to give you more enhancement to content.

The other is making a video where you explain what you’re giving to promote. Either one way or another, or by using both, you have total freedom, I repeat, total freedom, that you organize your web page or your video in a personalized way. We’ll we not enter us nothing in terms of the production of these tools; all you provide is the web space to publish your event. To promote your event. Sure that you know what social networks, are treated and if you don’t know it doesn’t matter. It is always time to learn.

Social networks, both for those who know topic for those who do not, are excellent means to reach the largest number of Internet users. Many events have had a tremendous success thanks to its disclosure in many of these social networks. Some with which has direct contact ticketea are: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, news of Google, etc. These are all valuable tools that you can make your event one of the most published in the vast world of the Internet. Sell your tickets. Unless in the case of something free, you can sell the tickets to your event in many ways, including payment with credit cards if the possibility can be. Ticketea per each sold ticket logres, will be charged 8% of it; If this is the first idea of this paragraph says, you don’t need to give us anything. Very simple.

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NLP and the Domino Effect

cat October 8th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

With some NLP techniques we can travel in a certain way, through time return to experiment internally something that has happened to us of children (for example) and has led us to some trauma and modify it from our mind on the current situation. Because the neuro-linguistic programming, provides the person certain resources, a guide to learn how to use our brains and work the internal States. You can use resources of NLP as your own instruction manual, to learn how to use the software for your brain.(which incidentally, generally not be teaches us!) If something has happened in the past, this event, depending on the degree of gravity, altered, surely, conditioned many decisions made from that moment until today. He produced the Domino effect first tab, falls on the second, and the third and pushes all towards the end. What happens to us today is the result of the past and we can describe it from an image, a metaphor the nexus between the past and today you can see it as a very thin thread almost invisible a species of spider, which comes from children if something happened there, that movement continues to generate vibrations, shock wave, is perhaps imperceptible or we cannot see it consciously today but there is and influence current decisions i.e., that thin thread moves still day means that movement or primary agitation is influencing your present and also because something has played in the presentthat you referred to that last time! If you liken it to effect dominated, as I said before, maybe to something unresolved in the past, it spreads, magnified, and translates into something limiting in the present with the PNL, we can identify and transform these past experiences that were perhaps traumatic, and use them in a way such that they become experiences, and that work with NLP transcends time and space and can be made from our mind! Why do it? Because to achieve behaviors, actions, ways to decide and act different feeling better and generating better results successful results for our lives,…today! (You can read something more about this here: > successful results with NLP <) For example: suppose that some time, at age 6, a child felt ridiculed before a group of people who did pranks because he could not speak properly and before which failed to respond or react.

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Josep Serra Son

cat October 8th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Mathematical language: Difficulty to express mathematical processes, to interpret the statements of the problems or misunderstanding of concepts such as position, relationships and size. Visio-spatial skills: Confusion in the arithmetic signs (the + x), numerical investments (31 by 13), faults in the Seriation of numbers (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, (9), place the numbers in awkward positions when performing incorrect writing of numbers or operations. The teachers are those who can more easily detect a problem with dyscalculia, in general, as explains Josep Serra Son children who seem to be attentive to the explanations, but when they start to get complicated can not follow it; other characteristics of the children discalculicos is that they are not able to explain which procedure have been used to find the solution to a problem and tend to give automatic responses, specifies.This learning disorder can drag an important educational delay and can even affect daily life. Adult cases can occur with dyscalculia who cannot even some shopping because they are not able to calculate if they have given you good or not change, or do not know the prices of things to quantify. On the other hand, in children this difficulty can cause problems of attitude; they tend to be on the defensive because they are very depressed by the performance of the rest of the teammates, what creates a frustration and anxiety in the child who can lead you to the lack of motivation or lack of interest, as explained by the psychologist.The good news is that this dysfunction has a solution. To correct it you have to re-educate the child, as points out Serra, a child with dyscalculia does not mean that you cannot learn, but that you need to walk a path longer than others.

Re-education helps ripen more quickly affected areas, achieving the level of mathematical processing is finished adjusting to the age. This way is not to insist on the same thing that has been done in class again and again, but to teach the child to learn to manipulate the numbers from different perspectives, fleeing from memoristicos procedures, in short, a more practical teaching of number sense. For example, rather than teaching a child that 3 4 are 12, must be to be aware of which 12 can be represented also as 12 + 0 or 8 + 4. Is advisable to re-education is carry out at least during one academic year, dedicating two to four hours a week and putting in the hands of a specialist, either a psychologist or a psychologist. Dyscalculia of development is so called research, subsidized by the Ministry of education and science that is carrying out the team of Neuropsychology at the University of Barcelona.

A study that will determine the brain bases of this alteration and to improve the diagnostic criteria and treatment guidelines. To develop, the research team is collecting a sample of children with dyscalculia, aged between 8 and 14 years, which is a comprehensive neuropsychological exploration. Parents who believe that their children of these ages may suffer from dyscalculia and are interested in the study can contact the Department of Psychiatry and clinical psychobiology at the University of Barcelona on the phone or by e-mail). By Moreover, from the website of this Department can download the version in Spanish of a useful software called the numbers race, designed for the re-education of dyscalculia in children between four and eight years. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article

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Project Management

cat October 6th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Planning Project planning and project planning is part of project management, which uses schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment. is the process to quantify the time and resources that a project will cost. The purpose of project planning is to create a project plan that a project manager (project manager) can use to follow the progress of his team. Initially, the spectrum of the project is defined and the appropriate methods (all tasks necessary) to complete the project are determined. Following this step, the duration for the various tasks necessary to complete the work are listed and grouped in a like work breakdown structure (work breakdown structure). The logical dependencies between tasks are defined using a diagram of network activity (activity network diagram) that allows the identification of critical path.Calculations made on the times may be made using project management software. Then the resources can be estimated and costs for each activity can be optimized to achieve a balance between resource use and total duration to meet the project objectives. Once established and accepted, the plan becomes what is known in English speaking nations as “baseline” (guideline base). Progress will be measured against this policy line throughout the life of the project. Analysis of progress compared to the basic guideline is known in English as earned value management (earned value management). The project planning is not something to be done only once at the beginning of the project. Monitor the progress of your team and update the project plan adequately should be an ongoing task of project manager. A computer program for project management can be useful if used correctly. There are various patterns of project management that describe in detail how to plan and control a project.

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