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After Sebastian

cat April 29th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

His best performance in the bench press was 100 kg before the accident. After Sebastian was released from the hospital with plaster and pine frame, he came to me in the gym. The doctor prescribed him absolute rest! From my own experience I offered him the ECT and he agreed. We trained the entire right half of the body, belly, back and under full load the leg game. As a result of the pine frame Sebastian could eat no solid food. Therefore, he took a glass of protein shake (e.g. Multipower”) after the training.

Protein is essential for muscle growth in humans responsible, because it has the components of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for muscle building. The first three weeks we trained twice per week for 11/2 hours all uninjured body parts on the equipment. The abdominal muscles has been trained but freely without equipment. The burden of the entire body is extremely important for me in terms of holistic training. After another two weeks We started the free weight training. In turn, the entire body was included in the training cycle. Five weeks after the accident, the pine frame has been removed.

The cast remained still on the left arm. After another 2 weeks this has been removed. During this time, the free weight training was continued and gradually increased the weight for the healthy parts. After the cast is removed, still a metal rail in the bone of the left forearm remained at Sebastian. We started the construction of the left arm with very light weights in the free weight training. However, Sebastian could not turn his left forearm since it prevented the metal plate. However, it was noteworthy that the arm muscles not so strong had taken off, as this would have been expected without previous ect. Also his doctor confirmed this. We started with bench press, two weeks after the cast is removed, but with very light weights. However, the burden for the rest of the entire body was always preserved in the entire training. Finally pushed Sebastian was in the bench is 115 kg, only 6 weeks after the cast is removed him and the metal plate still in his arm. After a year, the metal plate removed from his arm. Two weeks after this operation we started again with ECT, and had the same success as before. The entire body through the rest position would have mined without ECT during the resting phase and the addition of protein and a reconstruction of the muscle would have taken at least twice as long! ECT is a very good method to regenerate injured bone and to minimize the muscle breakdown during the gypsum carrier phase. I can point to several of these successful cases such as Sebastian. Among these are athletes such as soccer and other ball sports, but also people making a conventional fitness training with me and who had suffered bone fractures through accidents.

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