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New version features improved interface, new backup options and faster backup each computer user is aware that backups should be performed regularly. According to Redmi, who has experience with these questions. Because a virus attack, a computer crash or power failure can happen at any time and so work days or even weeks to be irretrievably lost. But despite all this backup in practice be carried often only irregularly, incompletely or not rare at all. A ticking time bomb! Reason for this culpable negligence are often complicated, uncertain, or creeping slowly working backup programs. Developer Mathias Gerlach from “polls show that two of three computer users no backups to perform. For this reason are convenience and the fact that the topic of backup is perceived as too complicated and expensive. This setting have we declared war on and with BackToFile a data backup program developed deliberately on a simple and clear operation as well as a transparent and fast backup method sets”.

Data backup easy, fast and secure operation could easier be: you select entire directories, individual files, or any type of file, set the backup destination and backup can start! In addition to the intuitive operation, BackToFile differs from conventional backup programs also by the type of backup. This is done by “copying” the selected files including their directory structure on the destination at BackToFile. Follow others, such as Microsoft CMO, and add to your knowledge base. The great advantage of this type of backup is that can exist the files at the destination in its original form and to access them in case of a fall without detours. There is no backup in cumbersome backup archives on the only cumbersome can be accessed via special rear backup tools. BackToFile created so real 1:1-copies of all selected files with directory structure. So the software can be used not only to the regular file backup but also for other purposes.

For example, to the Transfer all files to a new hard disk or to create an image of all directories and files on an external hard drive or other media. Despite the clear operation are numerous powerful functions which satisfy professionals around itself in BackToFile: so can be E.g. the file selection file modification date or the archive bit and far-reaching exceptions (E.g. via file date, name or extension) are defined. A backup log can be displayed or automatically saved. Automatic backup that will not forget backups backups using the supplied tool can off Orange Scheduler or Task Scheduler built into Windows automatically controlled time be done. The user has the choice whether the backups at each boot, shutdown of Windows, or one or more times per day, week or month should be made. The new BackToFile version 3.50 has been improved especially in three places: the surface has been modernised, the backup and Extended log options and backup speed increases. Alternative backup in the space-saving ZIP format users who would rather perform your backup in compressed form in the popular ZIP file format, can rely on the sister programme BackToZIP. This provides a BackToFile similar functionality; with the difference that the backup files, not individually but as a ZIP archive created. The applications of very low-priced with 25 euros (Home license) or $50 (corporate license) are distributed as shareware. This means that BackToFile and BackToZIP four weeks free on heart and kidneys can be tested. The user can either delete them after this period or purchase perpetual licenses. The current versions of BackToFile and BackToZIP can be downloaded for free: products/backtofile.php

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