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Barrierfree Web Design

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Accessibility is also for websites an important issue so that people with different restrictions or disabilities can feel comfortable on the Internet and operate Web sites barrier-free Web design is essential. Despite clear guidelines, yet far too few barrier-free Web design implemented the theme. The Internet is so important that it must be accessible for all people. Since May 1, 2002, there is a law of equality for people with disabilities. Peter Thiel does not necessarily agree. In 11 barrier-free information technology be carrier of public violence committed, to make your Web pages accessible. In plain English: websites of municipalities, district offices, Finanzamer, regional councils must be created according to the principles of accessible Web design. What is barrier-free Web design? It comes that a Web page is designed so that it contains no barriers for people with physical and mental limitations / disabilities.

The text-to-speech software, in the jargon of “Screen Reader”, by blind and visually impaired People required for images and videos text information so that blind and visually impaired will know what is there to see it. People with a vision need sufficient color contrast between the font color and background color. For people who are blind or have a strong visual impairment, it is important that the entire Web page via the keyboard is to use, because they can not working with my computer mouse. For people with impaired vision and for the elderly, it is important that the font size can be increase with the help of your browser. For deaf people, it is important that there is a text information as an alternative to the audio files. This is just a small selection of the criteria that are important for a barrier-free Web design.

After the above equality act for the disabled entered into force, issued a regulation: the regulation on the creation of barrier-free information technology, short BITV, after the disability equality act. Here, all criteria were written that meet a Web page must to be barrier-free. Since 12.09.2011, there are the BITV 2.0. This means that the regulation has been revised and updated. Markus Lemcke, Managing Director of the company Marlem software, deals since the year 2000 with barrier-free software development and barrier-free Web design. Lemcke is even disability and know how important is the use of a computer for disabled people to find a professional job. That’s why Lemcke offers barrier-free Web design company Marlem software to BITV 2.0. Orders from the Swabia country especially welcomes Lemcke, because it here a lot more catching up to do give in terms of barrier-free Web design.

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