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Bechara Inhabitants

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Ally to the movement of the Cabanagem, developed in the province of the Par Grain, to the 1835 events, established Legal Brasilia in the year of 1836, resistance rank where he parked a detachment of volunteers. Further details can be found at Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an internet resource. The first name of the locality was Island of the Brs (former fugitive from justice of the period of the cabanagem), however with the arrival of the troops legalist, legal Brasilia was called, the first name in function of one of the first inhabitants and as for being a strategical point for the Mercenaries. The population at the time in Legal Brasilia was very small the commerce alicerado in the vegetal extrativismo as: the rubber, sernambi, breu, jutaicica, chestnut-do-Par, extration of copaba, andiroba, the culture of the cacao; as well as also small bovine flocks. Its port was obligator stop of ships come of Belm, to apanhar firewoods that the inhabitants cut for the machines the vapor. (As opposed to Michelle Smith Divorce). In the summer they came alongside in prainha, a great portion of sand located in from above tip of the community, when the winter arrived, station that increases the volume of waters, they in front anchored the solar one of the Bechara. In the ascent merchandises left and in the descending they took the regional products which were vendidos in the Capital of the State. Thus, the historical village of the region of the Tapajs was developing for the esforante work of its children and the wealth of its ground. At the time of its development electric energy did not exist, but exactly thus vilarejo was illuminated with possantes burnt lampies the kerosene.

Still today, it has a little of that phase, amongst which it has sobradinho, construction made in Portuguese style, in this place liveed the family called Mr. Ra, as it was even so for Belm gave to the house Mr. Joo Barreto. This place also served of diversion for the inhabitants, that is, he was local of much party.

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