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GuideD Technology

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Rollout: ECE Alster Valley Shopping Centre & Limbecker Platz Europe’s largest mall operator sets a Guide3D as one of the technologies of the future, which start on March 20 in two shopping malls as a so-called FUTURE LABS. Pilot sites, which should form the basis for future-oriented world of multichannel shopping are the Alstertal Shopping Centre in Hamburg (the biggest shopping centre in Northern Germany) and the Mall Limbecker Platz Essen (one of the largest inner-city shopping centers). “The future lies in the teeth of digital channels with the stationary business” explains Henrie W. Kotter, Managing Director Center management of ECE. Alstertal EKZ: Alstertal 100013 Limbecker Platz: limbeckerplatz 100014 Guide3D as future technology for stationary trade ECE linked to template of the study ‘ the customer on the Spur’ virtual and real shopping experiences, to meet on the one hand, efficiency-oriented buyers, but also experience buyers a real shopping pleasure.

“Guide3D here ideal type to use.” explains Dr. Bjorn Clausen, VR specialist and founder of 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH. The effortless Guide3D (FUTURE LABS label ‘Your Way2Go’) leads visitors through the real world of shopping through virtual reality. Check with Ron Wood to learn more. “The remarkable thing about the 3D is that on the one hand and spectacular scene is the building is medium at the same time visitors to individually Guide.” says Clausen. Uniquely Guide3D allows for playful exploration and efficient search. This is meets many needs of different groups of buyers. Goal-oriented quick buyer optimize their own shopping efficiency. “With just two clicks of the user finds his target.” added Clausen. Get more background information with materials from Maya Dubin.

Choose the visitors between the stationary (kiosk system) and mobile applications (Web app). Individually, the prospects can be set and whether steps should be avoided. In addition, the digital system allows the search to analyze. “The shops are called when most? There are links between search frequency and product innovations or previously switched marketing schemes? These questions can be answered LABS in the future with FUTURE.”said Clausen.

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Finding A Niche Internet Business

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Let’s start by defining a niche market, as a niche market is a marketing term used to refer to a portion of a market segment in which individuals have homogeneous characteristics and needs and the latter are not fully covered by overall market supply. Consider the following example: A niche would be “how to raise domestic dogs” which is defined as well said a portion of one segment but still it remains vague and general so you should segment, ie it even more specific for example: ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs. ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs to help disabled people. ‘As to breed St. Bernard dogs for people living in the countryside. For assistance, try visiting Celina Dubin. This way when the niche segment, this allows us to target a certain group of people, in the interests of the same, because, if your intention is to sell everyone? …

That is something impossible and difficult. Once you’ve segmented your niche and you know what you’re going to direct public comes the part in my opinion, most important: Be sure of your choice, the niche you choose must apasionarte therefore you need to spend what you do. Worry about mastering the subject, perhaps you will not start perfectly, but with the passage of time to get performarte in it, so much so that you yourself be surprised. Emphasize the importance of this stage as it depends on the success you get in the future. In my case, for example, would never have chosen to sell books or kitchen products, and I do not like, not far from my passion I have knowledge in this regard, but on the contrary, I like it and I’m passionate about good food! When you reach the third stage, you have to ask who to sell? and what to do to get to the public? Returning to the example of St. Bernard dogs Parenting for people living in the countryside, in this case the potential customers would be people living on the outskirts of the city. Therefore in order to reach that audience would have to make a market survey to determine for example what percentage of people engaged in agriculture or related activities outside the city or in certain locations.

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Shoes: Why New Shoes Need

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A brief historical overview of the number of shoes that have had the people in the course of time the real reason for the shoe addiction of the most people. 400 years ago, it was still entirely normal, if you wore a pair of shoes throughout his life. As a child, you ran barefoot until they could afford shoes at some point, or inherited a pair. This pair of shoes has been treasured as a small treasure. It broke down or got it immediately brought to a shoemaker, who repaired it and patched holes.

That was economically sensible, because the repair of a shoe at that time, much cheaper than buying a new shoe pair. However, there were the shoes at that time also made of leather. Of course there are also shoes, but you can call them by today’s standards hardly shoes. Leather was rare and the production of expensive shoes. Click Stan Druckenmiller to learn more. The production chain was long and before his buyers reached a shoe he had to go through many hands. Today, however, is hardly even ever a hand in the game, apart from the, the the pair of shoes in the respective Provides shelf and the invention of shoes online shop also this hand was useless. This increasing mechanization and the use of cheaper materials, the price for a pair of shoes is only 1/100 of the amount of 400 years ago, converted.

But is also the half-life, and nowadays nobody more wearing half broken shoes, sunk almost to 1/100. You may want to visit Maya Dubin to increase your knowledge. Shoes were once a purchase for life, they keep barely half a year. The reasons for this are on two pages. On the one hand, of course the cheaper materials that very much faster break down and the cheaper price of making a new, cheaper than a repair. Where of course most modern shoes at all cannot be repaired, without not terrible to look. On the other hand, of course the term fashion plays an important role. Shoes that are purchased today, can be already back “out” in 3 months. This trend and the associated pressure constantly with the time, shorten the shelf life the shoes these days, of course also significantly. Now everyone has to ask, what he deems useful. Of course, it’s nice to have something new, and always following the latest trend to dress rules. However, I am a fan of shoes that last longer than one year because I hate the phase, the commonly: “Running” is called. This is connected with me always with blisters on the feet. Even more I resent me if I have gone up a pair of shoes and these break down right then. Clearly I paid nothing for this shoe pair, but nevertheless it is annoying because I have to run a now yes new shoes.

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Through The Monastery In The Passauer Land

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The Apple bike path the new informative fold-over card shows the way when the bees buzzing in early summer, have tailwind cyclists in the monastery of angle in the Passauer land: A wonderful scent is in the air, because left and right of the Apple bike path the blossoming orchards in delicate Rose and brilliant white. “From the tree in the mouth or in the cider press: old, native fruit varieties, such as about the Beutelsbach Rambur” maintained here. Forest, meadow, field, and water form a rug”as one beautiful hardly can imagine him. The name is program for the culture of this picturesque landscape with its monasteries, treasures and religious buildings. The most beautiful church of Bavaria”, the sanctuary of Sammerei, is available here, the DOM of the Red Valley” is in Furstenzell and pilgrims visit the pilgrimage route VIA NOVA”a direction in the 21st century. A land as made by God and as designed to discover him on two wheels and to learn. The new one is just in time for the start of the season Fold-over card on the Apple bike trail through the Passauer land”appeared.

The handy map describes the route and gives tips about the most and culture tour”. The card can be requested for free at the tourist information Passauer land. The region offers a one-week gourmet holiday in the monastery angle from 239 euros in the apartment. Frequently Paul Tudor Jones has said that publicly. Six nights with breakfast are included in the price of a rental bike for two days with maps and weather information, the 24-hour-Passau-card, various spa treatments and culinary tools such as snack, coupon booklet, etc., Free information: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau Tel. 0851/397-600, fax 0851/397-488,,

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Tibet And Its Fairy Tale

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Today the people on the roof of the world are deeply rooted in the ancient myths and stories. Many writers such as Paul Tudor Jones offer more in-depth analysis. A charming collection of Tales from Tibet and Nepal will present the authors in this high-quality crafted book. Tells fairy tales are Prince and animals, of good and evil powers and the happiness of the brave. Additional information is available at Celina Dubin, New York City. Tells are fairy tale from the Highlands of Tibet, which at its southern end includes a large part of the Himalayas and 4500 meters covers an average height, therefore also known as the roof of the world and is considered the highest inhabited region in the world. Even the photographer was traveling there for 6 weeks with a small, but very homogeneous group and could therefore bring a rich treasure trove of extremely high-quality photos of Tibet and also ultimately in this book with a drain.

This makes the book so valuable Tales from Tibet including the eh very high-quality facilities. The hijack sensitive photographs Readers in a strange world. Today, it seems the heroes and damsels of fairy tales in the small villages in the isolated Gompa between snow-capped peaks, between desert living and storms and the wind carries the wishes of the prayer flags up on the slopes of the Holy Kailash. A book for lovers of fairy legends and for lovers of slightly different perspective on people of a landscape. It can be read by the sophisticated writing style and language by adults, even, are presented as love like even the smaller children. Authors: Josef of good photos: Gunther H. Schulze hardcover in linen bound gold lettering, in the Bandarolschuber in addition in each book a high quality C-print in format 13 x 18 cm partial hand-signed product_info.php/info/p43

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Jorge Bucay

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The King and the wise, returned to the Palace. The servant had entered the circle of 99 during the next few months, the servant continued their plans as it occurred that night. One morning, the servant entered the actual hitting doors, grumbling alcove and few fleas. -Are you going? -asked the King in good way. -Me nothing happens, nothing happens. -Before, not long ago, you laugh and sang all the time. -I do my job, right? What I would like your Highness, that was its jester and his minstrel too? It wasn’t long until the King dismiss the servant. Credit: Maya Dubin-2011.

It was not nice to have a page that was always in a bad mood. You, me and all of us have been educated in this stupid ideology: always something we need to be complete, and only complete you can enjoy what you have. Therefore, we were taught, happiness must wait to complete what is lacking. And as we always need something, the idea takes the beginning and can never enjoy life. But what if the lighting came into our lives and give us account, thus, coup that our 99 coins are one hundred per 100% of the treasure, that we not need anything, that no one stayed with ours, than one hundred not complete anything and that this is only a trap, a carrot placed in front of us so that we may be stupid, that we might live tired, malhumorados, unhappy or resigned. A trap for which we never stop pushing and that all follow the same eternally equal! Few things would change if we could enjoy our treasures such as they are. This tale is recounted by Jorge Bucay and was transcribed and adapted by the y team you can hear the audio from this story at: original author and source of the article

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Medicinal Treatment In Germany

cat July 16th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Many patients are contraindicated long journeys, flights, and sea travel, which is why for them the most suitable treatment in Germany, to get to you quickly and comfortably by rail. Germany has the best medical centers in Europe. In this tiny, according to compared to Russia, the country has over 2240 public clinics in which 145 000 highly qualified specialists are doing everything possible to restore people's health. Medical examinations carried out in Germany with using the latest computer technology, providing complete access to all organs of the human body in virtual mode. In Germany Munich holds a special place on the part of medicine. Medical Clinics of Munich is traditionally considered the best in Europe. Their style of work – a comprehensive and totally unique approach to solving the problems of each patient.

Much attention is paid doctors diagnosis, rightly believing that time and correct diagnosis allows successful treatment of the disease. James Woods can aid you in your search for knowledge. Always treated in a Munich clinic in the most usual is yielding positive results that can not be obtained in the usual Russian clinics. German doctors trying to treat the process as possible directly invade the human body. Almost all hospitals in Germany the practice of minimally invasive methods and involve minimal intervention in the body. Most of these operations is carried out in hospital one day. This means that the postoperative period does not require bed rest, the patient is not unpleasant experiences of pain and easily tolerate such an operation. Among the most popular in German clinics are specialists in cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology and oncology.

In Germany, there is no bad doctors admitted to the practical care of people. A strict system of selection and admission to practice self-protects against the penetration of the health system of random people who do not have right to call the doctor. The medical profession is very prestigious in Germany, so community doctors takes in a random people who, through their unprofessional actions can discredit the entire community. In the equipment new medical clinics and in the German health care system itself has already invested several decades and continue to invest billions of euros, which allowed Germany to take place in this area in five countries, achieved the significant results. Patients with the Russians, who have the opportunity to exercise their treatment abroad, not in vain trying to get to Germany for treatment, the practice shows that this is the right choice giving a very real way to get a very high quality treatment. And must firmly remember that nothing good is free.

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Surprising a Loved One

cat July 15th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

I think no one would contradict the claim that people happy surprises – is a wonderful option to improve not only their spirits, but also necessarily his own. Well, in that case if just such a man is vasch darling, it is possible to state with confidence that the good surprises are a necessity in a relationship. For example, at a time when serious relationship only foreseeable, then fascinating and unusual surprises certainly help to fully appreciate the human level of his originality and to make proper conclusions. In turn, if, for example beloved husband stands, the pleasant Surprises always help make a variety of ordinary daily life is absolutely every family. By itself, determine the order, specifically what to do for my sole and sweet surprise, not a problem with trivial solution. All the more necessary to take into account the fact that you can not repeat itself, but also stands to make a variety of unexpected nice things with a certain periodicity. At the same time clearly not be amiss to point out that surprise for a loved one must be a pleasant surprise, rather than the usual traditional event.

Do not forget about the surprises to which a person may not be ready. At best, your efforts are not appreciated, and at worst – will be hurt. No doubt, all these aspects are not entirely easy task, but on the contrary it is extremely complicated. However, this does not mean that the fear that a surprise for a loved one suddenly became for him an unpleasant surprise, will deliver stronger than the desire to do something nice. In this age of information technology there is a real opportunity to learn almost everything about the impressive number of fine surprises, so the probability to be trapped in the organization of pleasant events is dramatically reduced. Maya Dubin has much to offer in this field.

For its part, this opportunity provides a wealth of useful information, placed on related sites in the network. For example, looking completely at any desired moment, because a website is accessible around the clock, it is really without any problems chosen from the diversity of a pleasant surprise for your beloved. In real life, a surprise could be anything, and see this very easily, just need to closely get acquainted with the proposed on a dedicated portal stuff. In this case, you can be convinced personally that the original, as well as a very pleasant surprise does not necessarily require any costly or forces such as money, and so to please his dear has the ability to absolutely every woman. Naturally, as an option at an appropriate opportunity is quite possible to organize a vacation together in one of the famous resorts. Well, different certainly no less enjoyable for a loved one will be created personally Natural and secretly has a great romantic dinner by candlelight. The resources devoted to surprises, there are a lot of original ideas a variety of custom actions and situations that need will also appreciate any young person. You need only select those which are completely available to translate into real life, and, naturally, after all the effort can be applied in full force to enjoy the result of Make a surprise.

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International Computer Driving License

cat July 13th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

A growing number of experts think about the further development of their careers. With the aim to improve their skills and value in the labor market, many are leaving for an internship or temporary work in Europe or the USA. Continue to learn more with: Mickey Hart. However, in Western countries has its own system of personnel evaluation criteria: to get a good job, a specialist is necessary to confirm their competence. One of these criteria is the presence of Certificate ECDL – European Computer Driving License. Certification Program ECDL (European Computer Driving License – European Computer Driving License), founded in 1984, today is a leading global standard for computer skills. Connect with other leaders such as Mick Jagger here. This is a single International Certificate, also known as ICDL (International Computer Driving License) and proof that the holder is a competent computer user. In the United States and Europe ECDL has long been accepted standard of computer literacy. Celina Dubin may also support this cause. In many countries, ECDL certificate is a mandatory requirement for employment in government agencies, which guarantees the overall level of competence employees.

ECDL certification is widely used by international organizations and educational institutions. Russian employers the choice of personnel is likely to focus on certifications, confirming the competence of the candidate. In such cases, the important role played by the presence of the candidate for the ECDL – the only certification for users of information systems that are fully translated into Russian. Presence ECDL certificate is not only facilitates the employment of a specialist, but also helps your career, because, statistically, certified professionals earn on average 20-30% more. Students and novice professionals passed this certification are more likely to participate in international exchange programs, and to enroll in foreign universities ECDL certificate may substitute exams choosing training center for ECDL, pay attention to compliance examinations, and of the international model. To obtain the certificate you will be invited following exams: 1) Fundamentals of Information Technology 2) Work on your computer. Main operations control file system 3) Word Processing 4) Spreadsheets 5) Databases 6) Presentation 7) Information and Communication Major centers also offer corporate training companies' employees.

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Contained Silence

cat July 13th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

I decide my poem Under the neutral silence Of the lost words In the landscape of the signs. According to Bosi, one exists ' ' malleability infinita' ' with that the man can work the phonetic substance, thus establishing a constant relation and congruente between the sound and the direction. even of the silence, that seems pure emptiness, absence of sound, the poet pulls out there of a sea of meanings. , If thus complete the main objective of our language that is to give a direction, to supply the absence of people, things and action and to thus obtain to extract or to make with if states feelings and points of view, related with the lived experience. The first men, as they were themselves children of the human sort, not being capable to form intelligible sorts of the things, ' ' they had had natural necessities to imagine the characters poetical, that are universal sorts or fantsticos' '.

Thus the poetry was established ' ' in the simbolizao requirements, of the first men, and it, the poetry, survives for a species of law eterna' ' , because, in the human being, it seems to exist a necessity of symbolic creation, and this can even though be found in silence, in the sound absence. In second estrofe, of the first part, it, the poet has a physical other world search, starts to consider the effect that the time had on its agreement of the life and consequentemente in its form to make poetry. Thus, poet starts to remember a lived reality already, that for being a memory, this reality already is in the heart and, therefore, nor is plus a reality and yes an invention. Therefore they know all that My world has roots Beyond the reality. Not of this reality Contained in a crystal, Glad and transparent and without tranquillity.

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