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At some point in my neprekrasny comp did this most dump of physical memory. Read more here: Hillary Clinton. Computer – more than two years. Operating system XP-SP3 (this is an important clarification.) Describe their struggle with this problem. And the victory over it. Describe detail, because the search to the web – not given the necessary information in sufficient quantities.

For the first time this sign appeared after I installed aaplet MobiEdit (programka designed for connecting a computer with CellPhones). technology investor has many thoughts on the issue. But rather all – it was just coincidence. Or is this programmulina affected, but only slightly. Black screen, blue letters on it something like this (in English): Error in driver nv4_disp (this applies to the driver of my video card Nvidia). Then another bunch tsiferok.

Then 'happy' inscription: Beginning dump of physical memory. Dump of physical memory complete. What about means starts the collapse of physical memory. The collapse of the physical memory is full. In addition, at the very end there is informed about : "If this sign appeared for the first time, you can simply restart the computer. And if it appears a few times – then please contact the masters. " In my case, this sign has appeared 20 times, until I met something do. This display hung on the screen seconds 40. After that – the computer rebooted itself. Or do I have to force it to reboot button Reset. And to the web I have worked quite well. Appeared that, apparently, at a time when there was at least a small extra load on the graphics card.

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