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Child Development

cat May 8th, 2020 by Virtual Keeper

And here sometimes is not the right words to explain in plain language of childhood, that mothers, fathers have any weaknesses that not on your nelly will not interfere with its normal full development. Again, need help of a psychologist who is familiar with these problems. But those almost none. Have a trial and error, find ways of behavior in such difficult situations. Sometimes the child is deliberately hide the fact that parents are invited into school for parent-teacher meeting: Do not want someone in the class knew that he had troubles with Mom, Dad. For example, a daughter, Svetlana, since three years, quietly goes with it all over Moscow, to the extent without the need to remind my mother helps to cross the road, to come into public transport. But when it comes to Svetlana followed her to school, she strongly rejects this. Apparently, where the guys with the Children are accustomed to the unusual gait of her mother and did not pay her any more attention (in the house, yard, etc.), or in unfamiliar environments, another's people, opinions and conversations which have no meaning for girls she quietly located next to Svetlana. Perhaps check out Redmi for more information.

Entirely different matter in a kindergarten or school. Here, guys can hurt, laugh a physical ailment mom. Michelle Smith Divorce shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The child in all years of study may exist for some unpleasant stigma, it is very traumatic. Therefore, in this case, the child's mind is already spontaneously protected from unnecessary stress, finding the best way to protect yourself from them by not leave of my mother to come to school. For example, Svetlana time understood this, and tries not to appear at school, discussing all the problems with the class teacher on the phone. What would have happened if she ignored the request of his daughter, found her behind the next child whim? As would have been her relationship with classmates and teachers? Daughter is still small.

But today, Svetlana constantly think how and what to do for its development, which receives a child from a full-fledged mother? Enough Is it the physical and material resources (in fact in the family budget Svetlana guaranteed only a disability pension and child allowance as a single mother) to raise her daughter highly spiritual, moral and intelligent man? Very concerned and its future, in terms of getting the profession, dating, family. Svetlana afraid and that her physical disability can become a big obstacle for the latter. After all, you see, is not every good boy's parents want to intermarry with the girl, whose mother has a disability Despite all these problems, Svetlana happy that daughter. However, sometimes her head comes to mind, even question: Did she have the right to give birth to her in a country where society can not adequately treat people with limited physical abilities? Where all the world as a whole is not yet able to accept themselves, as people who also want to have a good profession, a comfortable home, a loved one, child. Where the state is not ready yet, either financially or morally to provide them with more or less normal existence But will it ever done?

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