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Christian Bauer

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The most famous manufacturer of wedding rings in the world, the company Christian Bauer (Christian Bauer), was founded by Christian Bauer in 1880. This Jewelry House today is considered one of the top in Germany. The world leader in the production of wedding rings, the company does not produce anything except these precious symbols of conjugal love and fidelity. The workshops, located in the German city Veltsheym, employs about 500 people. All models of wedding rings specially designed to be very comfortable for prolonged wearing. Modern digital technology provides jewelers Christian Bauer the opportunity to achieve the maximum possible accuracy in the manufacture of – 1 / 100 millimeter. Gold and platinum are a multi-stage cleaning and are the most pure metals used in jewelry. At the bottom of each diamond is laser engraving can be found, indicating its weight in carats.

The rings are polished by hand. Rings Christian Bauer, usually made from one piece of gold or platinum, although one of the latest models consists of two parts – the gold and platinum. This makes it possible to engrave the name of a loved one and the wedding date on the joints. Once both parts are connected with each other – engraving is not visible. Stylish, sophisticated and modern design, which, however, does not violate traditional symbolic image of wedding rings, gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of these ornaments for many years. And the quality of performance and comfort in wear will not allow this pleasure will end sooner than you do this want.

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