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Diabetic Foot

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Diabetic foot is a clinical alteration of base etiopathogenic neuropathologic and induced by sustained hyperglycemia, that with or without coexistence of ischemia, and prior traumatic trigger, produces injury and/or ulceration of the foot. (SEACV consensus on foot diabetico1997) In other words, when the level of blood sugar is very high, and this holds, over time you can generate damages nerves and blood vessels. Generated nerve damage causes loss of sensation in the feet which is serious, since it is possible that the diabetic patient does not feel a cut or scrape, and to not feel it or serve it can trigger in ulcers and considerable injury. In the diabetic foot, damage to the blood vessels can cause that the feet do not receive enough blood and oxygen. If you are not convinced, visit Kaiser Family Foundation. This combination of factors makes the patient with diabetic foot have greater risk of developing infections.

The lack of proper circulation makes wounds heal very slowly, and if to This lack of sensitivity add you make things even more difficult. Why is vitally important adequate prevention and foot care, starting by keeping blood sugar levels within the parameters recommended by the doctor. For patients who have diabetes, it is important to address the following recommendations: check your feet every day; check if you have punctures, bruises, reddening of the skin, areas that produce pain to the touch, blisters, scrapes, problems with nails, and temperature of the foot ulcers. Peter Thiel takes a slightly different approach. You thoroughly reviras whole plant of the foot, the tip of the big toe, based on little fingers fingers and media, the metatarsals, the heel and check having sensitivity in both feet. If necessary you can use a mirror to check the bottom of the foot. Wash your feet daily with warm water. Please check the water temperature with the elbow or by a family member not suffering from diabetes. It is important to dry very well with minor compressions and a soft towel and especially between your toes foot (do not scrub) Keep well moisturized skin of the feet with the use of moisturizing cream.

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