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File Comparison

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7 Synchronizer the Synchronizer data synchronization is the tool that is still desperately missing Windows. It helps to compare drives, directories, and files and synchronize. Data backups can easily be run this way. It is also easy to keep the database on several computers in sync, so that then exist the same use files on all systems. The new version 7.00 brings more exclusion filter, increases the performance and bought himself a more modern look.

The Aborange Synchronizer helps to solve many organizational issues on the PC, which determine the own life again and again. While the program is taking nothing, than to compare the database between a self given source and destination to sync it then – like only in one direction as well but also in both. You may wish to learn more. If so, Hilton Foundation is the place to go. So there is no problem, but to keep in sync the file inventory of the desktop PC and a notebook to each other or making a regular backup of important data. Source and target must not necessarily be on the same computer. The Synchronizer is also interconnected computers like desktops, notebooks and servers, writes data to an external hard drive and can synchronize with a USB stick. Aborange Synchronizer 7.00: any many profiles run automatically the user, install the Synchronizer 7.00, can set multiple synchronization tasks in profiles that can then independently to configure and start.

Step by step, a wizard helps to set the defaults for a new task. While the user selects from the drives participating in the synchronization and folders, sets rules for the exclusion of certain file types and even determines whether files should be compared only by its name, or also in relation to the date and time of the file. A clear preview then shows up on two sides of window in the Visual comparison which files to sync are. This list can also be printed.

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