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Gigabit Intel

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Kontrons new XMC can Ethernet of migrate Eching, Germany, 26 November 2012 Kontrons is easy and inexpensive to 10 Gigabit new 402 XMC mezzanine card with two strong bandwidth 10 Gigabit ports for copper tubing equipped and allows existing CAT6 + OEMs and system operators thus infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively to 10 Gigabit bandwidth to upgrade. The new Kontron XMC-402 integrated for the 10 Gigabit Intel Ethernet controller X 540 and provides two RJ45 interfaces. The CompactPCI modular system with mezzanine cards need to OEMs and system integrators in the field-, VME and VPX boards do not replace to perform an upgrade. Installing this extension group or the replacement of the previously used mezzanine cards that’s it. Existing installations can so very efficiently master the significantly increasing bandwidth requirements needed for imaging, data gateways, radar or sonar. OEMs and system operators benefit from lower costs and a faster Time-to-market. Application detects the mezzanine card, for example in applications in the sectors of telecommunication, transportation, military, and automation.

The Kontron XMC402 offers not only a particularly high-performing, but also very efficient data throughput, because it significantly relieves the CPU with intelligent mechanisms: these include, for example, checksum offload, TCP segmentation offload and reduced interrupt operations. Host boards with Intel Core processors of the third generation, which integrate the PCI-Express controller in the processor, will also benefit from further additional bandwidth and lower latency: the Intel data direct I/O technology can communicate the Kontron XMC402 directly with the processor cache and so the system memory. This helps to avoid unnecessary memory transactions. Applications benefit from a up to triple bandwidth compared to previous generations. Host processor modules be freed in this way from I/O bottlenecks and can in a wide variety of usage scenarios on outstanding data transfer performance Achieve server level. It even space, weight and power critical applications (SWP) must be no compromises: for the small footprint and the low average power consumption of only 7.5 watts usually mobile applications have sufficient reserves.

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