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Healthy Years

cat September 8th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Healthy life, before being a selfish conception where I care very little else, is a style in which I seek to share what I have and what I know, to respecting others. A healthy mind be healthy first means a healthy mind. Our mind governs our behavior: what we do and do not do. Our mental maturity allows us to facing everyday situations of life. If we have developed little mental and emotional maturity with over the years, we will be fickle in our decisions, our appreciation and conception of life. We have heard many times about people difficult character, how unhappy are themselves and how unhappy are those who surround them: parents, children, couples, spouses, etc. These people can hardly opt for a conception of healthy lifestyle, because they sabotage their own happiness and that of others.

Need a mental health adequate, free of prejudices, derrotismos, pessimism and conflicts to want to live a healthy life. Credit: Harrison Ford-2011. Healthy living is first created as a concept in our mind to then be able to be carried out on the basis of our actions. You are others say much affects a depressive tendency or our mood in physical well-being and how much can influence it to recover properly, for example from a disease. Physically healthy means the concept of holistic health healthy living in all areas of life, not just the physical, so that our physical well-being is key to the concept of healthy life but is not the only one. We have already seen how important is our mind to understand and believe ourselves in the concept of healthy life and take him to the practice. Proper food and exercise are the key factors to enjoy a physically healthy life. Eating healthy should be a priority for all, but unfortunately this modern, industrialized world has upset our eating habits with the so-called junk food, preservatives, harmful chemicals, artificial food excess and thus have away us from natural food, which is that us offers more possibilities of preventing heart disease, cancer and diseases in general. We must return to our roots, eating food of nature and free from preservatives to improve our physical health.

Current technology and a sedentary lifestyle also play against us, because we deprive a good walk outdoors. Swimming, cycling, etc. are also simple activities to keep our bodies healthy and active. Health is also in the spirit if we are exclusively matter and mind, perhaps physical exercise and intelligence we would suffice to meet our existence. But we have also been created as spiritual entities, and this regardless of who we are or not religious. Activities such as artistic creation (writing, music, painting, etc.), prayer, meditation, among others, are activities that nourish our spirit, and therefore makes us healthier. Every human being can recognize, according to your experience, you have spiritual needs that need to be satisfied to live with balance and happiness. Believing in God, good and evil, that this life is fleeting but there is a future hope that transcends beyond death, is a way to recognize that we have a reason why we are in this world. This us It does lead a healthier life, because it fills our life’s purpose and future hope. To lead a healthy life we must have balance in several areas of our lives, really wish a life optima and allow our similar also have the healthy life that we yearn for.

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