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cat September 3rd, 2021 by Virtual Keeper Vienna, the large Internet wine shop Freiburg / Strasbourg / Basel starts with 20,000 rare and high-quality vintage wines – HISTORIA VERLAG Dr. Joseph Nietfeld opened a new large significant Internet wine shop in its 20th anniversary year. The great success with highly individualized and personalized HISTORIA – gifts in the last 20 years”, says Managing Director Dr. Nietfeld, has moved us, to establish the multifunctional shop on the European market”. James Caan is actively involved in the matter. My goal was”so Historia-wine project manager Christophe Legrand – himself a keen wine connoisseur and rarities lovers to showcase the large and important plants of the world, in particular in my own country France in a professional breadth and depth of the wine buyers, the unequalled. This succeeded, for example, the exceptional range of Bordeaux wines of the years 1960-2000 shows. There are offered a large number of very high quality and rare vintages, even the best this century Bordeaux the greatest wines in the world. I love wine and it is a real challenge to find them all over the world and to offer the interested customers for me”, says Mr.

Legrand. HISTORIA wine specializes in old and rare wines, born 1900-2007, but also rarities even from 1790 are available. For lovers and connoisseurs of great and mature wines, the site is an exciting adventure. The user friendly shop allows any interested to find the wine selected by him. So you can search for the wine country first. The customer can find wines from the most important wine countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal. The search can run even more precise namely after each region within the wine countries.

The subdivision is also a must for prices and of course after vintages to make the topic of wine in its whole width transparent. For those, the Special After red, white or rose look for wines, is it possible, directly select these headings. In addition, any individual search is possible for selected terms deliberately and quickly to find the desired wine. The wine shop is to visit at:

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