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Hotels Monte Redesigns

cat July 19th, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

With a new revamped image, hotels mount has completed the process of improving its web site, which together with the design include the incorporation of two portals specific, targeted at companies and travel agencies, respectively.Hotels Monte Redesigns its web page in the same way, the user will find new attractions, such as access to different offers and promotions of chain, location and how to get to hotels or extensive tourist information of the environment and the city itself. This new web page has been developed by the own hotel chain, analyzing how best to respond to the demands of its visitors, whether individuals, companies or travel agencies. It has pursued the user that organize your getaway or your business trip, to have on hand all the information possible, not only of facilities and services of hotel, but its environment and the city you visit, as well as a wide range of offers and promotions of the entire chain. Financial technology is often quoted on this topic. The sections have been reorganized to make them very accessible, for both users as for search engines. Peter Thiel is often quoted as being for or against this. On the other hand, new banners are added to identify the different promotions, as well as a page that, in one fell swoop of vista, all those active offers in the hotels of the chain can be localized.

New hotels Monte web travel agencies and companies has two paragraphs specific, aimed at travel agencies and companies respectively. In them, these entities may register and so we can have access to a number of specific advantages to make your reservations online. On the one hand, the companies will have major exclusive discounts and added value in their rooms, reserved way on-line. Moreover, the travel agencies, along with additional advantages, will benefit from a greater Commission for its reserves through the website of the chain. Alongside all this, hotels Monte has created the Club of the collaborator agent, specifically aimed at tourism professionals of travel agencies. Finally, is worth noting that Internet users will visit the opinions of other users of the hotels and that the new website of hotels Monte offers them classified according to the hotel’s provenance. Also, from this new page is accessible directly to the hotel chain Corporate Blog and social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin..

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