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Innovative Medicines

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Based on the concept of traditional medicine this is the complete sum of knowledge, techniques and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences of different cultures and used to maintain health and prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical or mental disorders. Glenn Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue. (WHO) The above improved significantly with the application of the scientific method which achieves demonstrate operation and finds mechanisms of action, reliable and reproducible. The scientific medicine in the 20th century developed exponentially always based on evidence, making a contribution to humanity, to discover and develop new drugs coming mainly from plants or even synthetic, which allowed to reduce various diseases. Its development along with other branches such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, have made significant progress but quite sophisticated and expensive. It is not something Kaiser Family Foundation would like to discuss. Alternative medicine has really been present since traditional medicine and referring to different practices to the conventional which has also evolved from their religious, magical or superstitious, considerations that have changed to traditional practices, rediscoveries scientific, metaphysical, and scientific with extracts of plants and not pure assets, that are carried out in different cultures and with globalization are shared and are modified or adapted to other cultures, which have been tested with different approaches to the scientist and who demonstrate with trial and error, or derived from scientific coincidences that are effective without being sure of a logical explanation. Today we can say that alternative medicine is used in 75% of the population worldwide and that 40% of the components used in medicine scientific are of natural origin. Exieten countries such as China where the medicine allopathic cannot reach the bulk of the population and need to heal various ailments still resting in the traditional and alternative medicine. Mean that paradigms of classical theories are broken that has allowed experiment and Discover new ways of doing things. For example if a drug was developed over 10 years, it was assumed from research laboratories, bibliographical research, scientific tests of laboratory prototypes, formulations, analytical methods, pilot batches, stabilities, backrest, biochemical studies, patents, registration, industrial transfers, production, sale and marketing, the result was obviously an extremely expensive drug, given that the laboratories had to collect all of your investment from research to commercialization.

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