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Japanese Government

cat March 6th, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

It increases the preoccupation by the distribution of meat with radioactive cesium. Fukushima has asked its cattle dealers who stop distributing meat. The Ministry of Health says that to eat that meat it does not affect " seriamente" to the health. The authorities of Japan have confirmed that at least 648 cows were fed with fodder contaminated by the emissions of the nuclear power station of Fukushima, which has increased the preoccupation by the distribution of meat with radioactive cesium, Kyodo agency informed. In the last hours 505 new cases of animal fed with the contaminated forage have been detected, that are united the past to the 143 located from 10 of July, when levels of this radioactive isotope over the allowed ones in the meat of six cows coming from Fukushima were registered for the first time. The government of Fukushima has asked his cattle dealers who stop distributing meat at the moment and he hopes that the central Government prohibits as of this Tuesday any shipment of bovine of the province. From these 505 units, 411 came from seven farms in the province of Fukushima, where it locates the battered power station damaged seriously by tsunami and the earthquake of the 11 of March. Radioactive cesium the fodder of one of these seven operations, located in Motomiya, 57 kilometers to the northwest of the plant, contained 690,000 becquereles of cesium by kilo, 1,380 times the limit allowed by the Japanese Government and the maximum concentration registered until the moment.

The majority of the proprietors of the operations of Fukushima has admitted not to be abreast of the order emitted by the Government the 19 of March of not using fodder stored in the outside, before the risk of being contaminated by the emissions from the nuclear power station. Other 24 cows of the located ones yesterday were bred in the province of Niigata (the northwest) and fed with forage of the province of Miyagi, that limits the south with Fukushima, whereas the 70 rest come from four farms of the province of Yamagata, also to the north of Fukushima. Nevertheless, in these four property the origin of used fodder is not known at the moment to feed the animal. The meat of these 505 units has been distributed in at least 38 of the 47 Japanese provinces, according to Kyodo. The Japanese Ministry of Health has showed that to eat several times meat with levels of radioactive cesium superior to the limit determined by the Government would not seriously affect the health. Source of the news: At least 648 cows were fed with radioactive fodder in Fukushima

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