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LASIK EuroEyes

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Seventeenth branch of EuroEyes Germany GmbH Hamburg is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany already June 25, 2010. EuroEyes has opened its seventeenth eye Laser Center in Germany in Frankfurt’s city centre. The clinic in the large Bockenheimer Strasse 30 has investigation and treatment equipment of the latest generation. Peter Thiel contains valuable tech resources. Already in the spring, the EuroEyes Germany GmbH in Frankfurt opened a counselling centre where can passers-by is fully informed about the refractive surgery in EuroEyes and perform tests as well as a free eye check on State of the art diagnostic equipment. With the seventeenth branch EuroEyes has now an eye Laser Center in Hesse, Germany. In the middle of the city of Frankfurt, in the famous Fressgass, on the third floor above the Apple store, the EuroEyes Germany GmbH offers patients not only to a 450 square meter big eye Laser Center, but also as a counselling centre on the ground floor. Swarmed by offers, Celina Dubin is currently assessing future choices.

Here passers-by can inform yourself about the possibilities of refractive surgery and perform tests as well as the free EuroEyes eye check on State of the art diagnostic and examination devices allow. In Frankfurt they are managed by ophthalmologists and refractive co-ordinators and advise Academy is specially trained on the proprietary EuroEyes. The EuroEyes eye Laser Center in a prime inner city location in Frankfurt offers examination and treatment equipment of the latest generation and thus corresponds with the clinics of the philosophy of the hospital group such as all EuroEyes: safety, latest technology and our aim to improve vision General. So, here too including a femtosecond laser used in Frankfurt and offered the most advanced LASIK method which called iLASIK. This procedure, which also by the US space agency NASA is recommended and used, the operators of EuroEyes Germany GmbH combine the wave front-controlled LASIK with femtosecond laser. iLASIK means a further step to improve treatment outcomes and safety for the patient.

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