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Living Room Individualists

cat November 17th, 2018 by Virtual Keeper

Unique design objects is at the new Internet platform shop, magazine, as well as community on the topic of trend individual interior design. Whether is elegant and highly functional sound hick, decorative design foils for pieces of furniture or flexible furniture would materialize in living individuals who place value on selected design and with individual accents in their rooms. Design products, which become real favorite pieces by individual customer wishes are developed in cooperation with free designers and artists. In addition to the online-shop with customisable design and art objects, offers unique interior design”editorial content on the subject. The aim of the company is to provide real design pieces demanding customers, tailored to their personal preferences.

In this way our customers become a part of the production process and define the special character by their performances and adaptations of the resulting product”, explains Susanne first nail, Mono invoice Manager. Unique, made-to-measure, combination objects, or limited series of design selected artists all objects are unique and available exclusively in the Mono texture shop. “Summer promotion 2010: limited schallSchlucker Gallery character premium designs for customers with the highest demands: notable artists such as the obs-Award-winner Rene Ledrado ( blog/Rene ledrado /) the panels improving room acoustics develop exclusively for Mono texture fascinating photographs and motifs, for example, for the great schallSchlucker”. These are suitable as a focal point in living rooms or for the targeted reassurance of offices, conference rooms or hallways. You are strong soloists, but also excellent to compose groups. An introductory summer action has lowered the 1.10 x 1.10 metre panels in the price by up to 115 euros. More information below. Customizable design Customer in focus already at their early stages are spaces thought together with the artists and set. But the fundamental openness for individual freedom with design options and combinations with our customers closely among our corporate philosophy and is therefore pivotal point of the design concept”, Susanne first nail performs.

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