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Master Data Management:

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GID’s Cologne in the information campaign, April 28, 2011. After the great success of the business breakfast event series”in the soccer arenas in Cologne, Frankfurt, as well as on the Berlin Alexanderplatz again enters the offensive information global distribution GmbH (GID) and invites further briefings about its current product portfolio in the areas of data security, backup, deduplication, storage and archive. In may, there will be a further business breakfast in Cologne about Rechtskonformes email management and archiving”type. In addition, the Cologne House plans a new series of webcasts. “You stay on the ball: data security is already champion!” was the motto of the first three business breakfasts, the GID at which the Cologne informed specialists for data management of economical and efficient solutions in the areas of data security, backup, deduplication, storage and archive.

The GID that company showed, how they create the promotion to the top and their Data handling can make safer and more efficient. The response was so good that the systems integrator for the 18 May to another a informative business breakfast in the Cologne media Park. Theme of the event is the legally compliant email management and archiving this time. Dr. Peter of Roscher will speak about the legal basis for the retention of E-Mails and the possibilities of E-Mail management and archiving this.

Gunter Heissler, CTO at GID, then deals in his lecture with the complex subject of storage/archive. Participation in the event is after prior registration under free, participants may bring to other people. Not only the great response to our business breakfasts, but also the strong demand at our booth at the CeBIT in March have encouraged us to go into the information campaign”, says Friedrich Forster, Sales Director GID GmbH. do not play many companies still long in the first League. There is a great need to catch up in terms of IT security. Last but not least showed the current Symantec study.” As a further measure in this information campaign, the GID will launch a series of webcasts with a total of eight dates in the coming three months. The following topics are planned: May 6: way expensive source systems to more cost-effective long-term archives for email, file and SharePoint! May 13 Optimize and consolidate your backup window! May 16: Make more cost effective and more efficient through DeDuplizierung your data storage! May 23 Put on storage systems with an unbeatable price / performance ratio! May 27: Compliance-compliant E-Mail Archiving how does it work? June 10 True WORM Storage why not? 27 June:, Set storage systems with unified storage architecture July 1: backup on tape still not write off! All webcasts start at 15:00. They carried out enterprise system solutions at the GID in proven way by Dr. Peter of Roscher, Director. Applications can also see events.php be. Reader contact: GID GmbH In the MediPark 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0221-4543333 FAX 0221-4543330 E-Mail: about global information distribution GmbH (GID): GID is consultant and system integrator in the field of data management and archiving and develops, implements and maintains solutions for the availability and maintenance of business-relevant data. These solutions including the corresponding services are distributed internationally. GID is active in Europe and United States. your editorial contacts: GID global information distribution GmbH Peter Seiler In the media Park 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0821 25849-14 FAX: 0821 25849-10 E-Mail: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: 0451-88199-12 FAX: 0451-88199-29 E-Mail:

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