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Metasys Extended Architecture

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Performance of the box Was used a potentiometer and an electrical resistance of one 1k to inside simulate the conditions of temperature of a room where we determine a minimum temperature and maximum as demonstration in the graph we do not use given of outflow. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Naveen Selvadurai. The comparisons between the graphs in the sample the evolutions of the performance of the actuators of box VAV where we show to a real simulation and a simulation with archetype, the test graph we apply values of temperature we will evaluate the behavior of the VMA and in the graph of software the VMA calculates the air outflow enough to keep setpoint adjusted in the project through the reading of the thermostat installed in the environment. 3. Under most conditions Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would agree. Development of the VAV the controllers of Johnson Controls VMA-1410 and VAV had been developed to control and to supervise boxes of Volume of Ar Varivel (VAV), will be introduced basic the mechanical functioning of a box VAV, later to deal with the part of installation and programming of these controllers. The programming of these controllers is developed in software HVAC-PRO Configuration Tools (Training Module 1? HVAC PRO). Controllers VMA and VAV can be supervise through the automation systems Johnson Controls: Metasys PMI, Metasys Extended Architecture, M3 and 3 M5. 4. CONCLUSIONS the present article presents the results carried through with a device of conditioning of air based on the application of boxes VAV (changeable air volume) and controller VMA (Modulating Air 0 variable) used in buildings come back to provide to comfort to the environment and economy of energy toward the installation. We saw that the performance of our archetype corresponds the same characteristics of a box VAV installed in the field, and that its performance the expectations to provide comfort for the USA-river.

To develop this work research and study in works developed in buildings with intention had been used to demonstrate to all the efficiency of these equipment in the field of engenhari it.

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