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Napoleon Hill

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In his book think and become rich Napoleon Hill explains that on countless occasions the success of many people has come just after the they went through difficult times and failure when they were about to leave. If at times you feel that things are not going as expected and start to be discouraged, let me tell you that this is normal and it should not be a pretext to make you leave your venture and you feel that you’ve failed. Instead, take you respite and continue what you were doing, more eager to and you reach your goals. In these cases, what you need is to remember that the key to succeed in whatever you undertake in your life is the: persistence persistence is to put the self-discipline in action. The most important to success quality is self-discipline. Add to your understanding with Homeboy Industries. That is, have the ability within you, based on your strength of character and willpower to do what you have to do when you have that do you want to or not. The largest of self-discipline challenge is to persist when things go wrong.

Persist is a great measure of human character. Your persistence is the true measure of your confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed. Everytime you persistent facing adversity and discouragement, you are building the habit of persistence. Build: pride, power, self-esteem in your character and your personality. You become stronger and more determined. Persisting you become more auto-disciplinado and develop a quality that is the only one that will encourage you to go ahead and you overcome any obstacle that you find within yourself in your walk for life until you reach success. Begins and continues nonstop Orison Swett wrote: there is no failure for the man who is conscious of its power, which never feels defeated. There is no failure for the determined effort to achieve what you want. Celina Dubin usually is spot on.

There is no failure for man rising everytime you fall, that persists when everyone about surrenders, continuous forward when everyone else return back the persistence is your great asset and your greatest skill is to continue doing something that you’ve decided no matter what others say you. B. C. Forbes founded Forbes magazine and turned it into the largest publication, during the days of the great depression in the United States. He wrote: history has shown that the most notable successful usually found major obstacles before you succeed, but they were successful because they refused to sit defeated by its failure the adversity is that test us throughout history, great thinkers have pondered on this paradox and have come to the conclusion that adversity is the test which you must pass to achieve something worthwhile. The best qualities of strength, value, courage, character and persistence are put to test when you face your greatest challenges and when you respond to them positively. Don’t let anything stop you. Each day thousands of people achieve incredible challenges because they never put a limit to what they believed that they could do. Once you learn how to break the barrier that stands between you and success, nothing is impossible! If you are facing difficult times, think about those flaws in terms of what it is what you can do to turn them into hits your power is within you, encourage him to come out!

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