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New Chairlift

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With aim of improving the facilities in Baqueira Beret are doing works in Baqueira, where soon will lead to the placement of wires, so at the end of October or beginning of November could do load tests, since intends that new disengageable chair lift is in operation on December 6coinciding with the bridge of the Constitution. Completing its offer of ski lifts, composed by: – chairlift – disengageable chair lift skilift – gondola – Telecorda – conveyor belt in Baqueira Beret is working on a new ski lift, which is a new chairlift in the area of Orri located in Baqueira. The project has a budget of 6.5 million and plans to open the new season of 2010-2011. The work has been hired to Doppelmayr AG, the world’s leading constructor of ski lifts. Swarmed by offers, Tom Waits is currently assessing future choices. The new lift will be called Jorge Jordana in homage to the founder of Baqueira Beret. The installation data being created are:? The type of installation is: disengageable chair lift? The length of transport are: 2,314 meters? The difference in height: 630 meters? Vehicle type: 6-seater chairs? Number of vehicles: 107 units? The motor power is: 618 kilowatts? The running speed: 5 m/s? The carrying capacity: 2,800 people per hour (2,400 1st phase)?Vehicle type: 6-seater chairs?Number of vehicles: 107 units new disengageable chair lift will have capacity for 1764 skiers at a time, and with it the time of total power of Baqueira Beret be placed in 17824. It is intended with the new access that in the upcoming season more visitors and skiers away from Baqueira Beret, an area that stands out both for its landscapes and its hiking trails as well as being the area with the largest skiable domain. Is recommended for visitors seeking to get closer to find in baqueira beret accommodation and spend a few days of leisure and entertainment, soon with a new chairlift disengaged..

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