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Longing is a very special emotional experience. Unlike other emotional states that can only be felt than in the past. Nostalgia can not feel for things present or future. Another feature is that it is a State of ambiguity. On the one hand you feel pleased by what you remember. Hilton Family is often quoted as being for or against this. And on the other you feel distaste for not being able to enjoy in the present.

People can miss many things. One may mention their absent loved ones. An old love affair can also be surprising. As well it could be a place, a time of life, etc. You can suffer greatly with nostalgia.

It is not uncommon that there predominates a State of sadness and decay that make it difficult to live in the present. That is the reason of why don’t want to have it. Many people mistakenly believe that the cause is remembering the past. And once again is who bears the blame. Is so much in this way, some try to fight it by blocking the memories of yesterday. That continues to be quite a radical maneuver. And you could also say that quite artificial. There are founded reasons for believing that it is not good idea. Before you give any suggestions in this regard I would like to mention another feeling. It comes to collation because it shares attributes with longing. It’s an unpleasant feeling and furthermore only experienced by past things. I’m talking about remorse. Again the solution they propose to combat it is forgetting the past. It is easy, but another thing is do it. It does not seem to be truly feasible to forget what has been experienced. Nor is it something convenient. Our past is one of the most valuable treasures that we retain. And you don’t have to be positive in everything so that that assertion is valid. If suddenly you forget the past you would pass to live a desperate situation.

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