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Orkut Bykkokten

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The Google appeared in 1998 in U.S.A. as a site of research. This site of research has as mission to offer to the best option of search in the Internet becoming the accessible and useful world-wide information. With access of more than 1,3 billion pages, the Google offers resulted excellent for users of everybody, normally in less of half second (average time of the research). Today the site corresponds to average of more than 100 million consultations per day. With 11 years in the market, the Google beyond having the more used service of search of the world, supplies to sets of ten of other services on-line, in its gratuitous majority, that include services of email, edition and sharings of spread sheets, social net, instantaneous communication, translation, sharing of photos and videos amongst others. Amongst all the services, the present work will detach orkut and youtube that they pertecem to the Google group.

1.6 ORKUT Created in 19 of January of 2004 for its founder Orkut Bykkokten, employee of the Google, the Orkut, site of had access relationship more of the world, and 6 more had access of the Internet, has as main objective to help its members to create new friendships, and to keep contacts with its social groups, is they, professional family, friends or contacts. Figure 1.2? Logomarca of the Orkut Source: Available in: In day 5 of January of 2005 the site gained its Brazilian version in Portuguese language. Three months later were disponibilizado the nine new languages: Frenchman, Italian, German, Spaniard, Japanese, native of Korea, dutch, Russian and Chinese. In 2006 the Orkut around reaches the impressive mark of 25 million users spread of the world. One year later, in 2007, the site more than has a growth of 100% of its users, arriving at the mark of 60 million registered in cadastre people. Still in 2007 the Orkut takes the initiative of estilizar its page in web with new applicatory that called the attention its users, had to fight the advance of the sites Facebook and MySpace, its main competitors in the world.

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