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The Material

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They have such advantages, such as longevity, good self-cleaning effect, high bandwidth. Drainage trays are equipped with various types of gratings: steel, iron, copper. Lattice can be either slotted or honeycomb. However, the most popular way – is to install drainage pipes at the site. The appearance of plastic, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic pipe (such as UPONOR), as well as water intake pipes with a layer of fibrous-porous polypropylene significantly simplified the drainage works. These tubes can be operated with 50 + years. In addition, there are complete "linear drainage systems (eg, hunter ), equipped with special filters that prevent silt and system eliminates the need for cleaning of drainage for a long time.

Important questions about the pipes and pumps to pipe served long and effectively, they must take care of. Drainage pipes must wrap the filter material (geotextile) to protect against ingress of clay particles (silt). For example, high filtering ability is different geotextiles typar. It is a non-woven material technology with "span-bond" of polypropylene fibers, which ensures its high physical and mechanical properties (eg isotropy), as well as resistance to various chemical compounds (Alkalis, acids). The material does not rot, fungus and mold exposure, root penetration. The structure of the geotextile provides good strength and filtering properties. In addition to use of geotextiles volume drain filters. They are made from textile waste, straw, grass, fibrous peat, coir and other materials. Bulk filters not only protect the plastic drains from silt, but also improve and enhance the inflow of water.

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Google Analytics Success

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In the Google Analytics we can find a very interesting section to which should be that pay attention: in the General Vision of the content section, click analytics page. There we can see well graphically zones with links (hotspots) where users click, and to what degree do. With this information, we will be able to realize if a link that we want it to be the most visited is inconspicuous, or receives just a few clicks. Confusing structure. It should be made clear to the visitor what is the purpose of the page.

It seems a truism truth, but an institutional site, is not the same where what is sought is to develop a communication channel between the company and the community, that a shopping cart, or a site dedicated exclusively to the sale and promotion of products. It should then be reconsidered if the objective of the site is so clear for us and for our visitors. Sometimes I am surprised how many times webmasters are hesitant to say clearly to that site is dedicated. If your goal is to sell say so loud and clear, without shame and without delay. Miss shyness to announce those fabulous offerings that, surely, your site offers. It is necessary to bear in mind that the success, or not, in the web site design is a crucial factor that will determine much of the performance of the page, and the degree of success or failure that our web promotion actions may have.

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Metasys Extended Architecture

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Performance of the box Was used a potentiometer and an electrical resistance of one 1k to inside simulate the conditions of temperature of a room where we determine a minimum temperature and maximum as demonstration in the graph we do not use given of outflow. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Naveen Selvadurai. The comparisons between the graphs in the sample the evolutions of the performance of the actuators of box VAV where we show to a real simulation and a simulation with archetype, the test graph we apply values of temperature we will evaluate the behavior of the VMA and in the graph of software the VMA calculates the air outflow enough to keep setpoint adjusted in the project through the reading of the thermostat installed in the environment. 3. Development of the VAV the controllers of Johnson Controls VMA-1410 and VAV had been developed to control and to supervise boxes of Volume of Ar Varivel (VAV), will be introduced basic the mechanical functioning of a box VAV, later to deal with the part of installation and programming of these controllers. The programming of these controllers is developed in software HVAC-PRO Configuration Tools (Training Module 1? HVAC PRO). Controllers VMA and VAV can be supervise through the automation systems Johnson Controls: Metasys PMI, Metasys Extended Architecture, M3 and 3 M5. 4. CONCLUSIONS the present article presents the results carried through with a device of conditioning of air based on the application of boxes VAV (changeable air volume) and controller VMA (Modulating Air 0 variable) used in buildings come back to provide to comfort to the environment and economy of energy toward the installation. We saw that the performance of our archetype corresponds the same characteristics of a box VAV installed in the field, and that its performance the expectations to provide comfort for the USA-river.

To develop this work research and study in works developed in buildings with intention had been used to demonstrate to all the efficiency of these equipment in the field of engenhari it.

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Writers Guild Internet

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Within this cascade of reactions have entered content creators. For example, the Writers Guild of America East, which represents more than 4,000 writers and writers of EE UU, warned that the proposal of fast lanes on the internet will hurt smaller groups, which run the risk of being expelled from the market. His Manager, Lowell Peterson, told Reuters that with this model the creators of videos for the internet, applications for the iPhone or other content online, would have more difficult access to large audiences. Peter Thiel will not settle for partial explanations. Those who have not spoken yet are the Hollywood majors. The Motion Picture Association of America did not want to comment. The sector notes that these companies would have more capacity to disseminate its contents through these special networks, and launch subscription services. Google asserts its infrastructures different visions about the internet model who have Google and other internet firms may be motivated in the position that the search engine has in the world of infrastructure. Jose Antonio de el Moral, Alliance Manager, recalls that Google has already infrastructure themselves, such as data centers and networks, while others have hardly advanced in this area.

Google is almost a provider of access to the internet (ISP) and the other companies rely heavily on operators. If the telcos gain power, to Facebook, for example, do you dust, explains. Signature has not unveiled data on the location of their data centers, although various specialized media have indicated that he has more than 30 worldwide. Google continues to invest in ICT infrastructures. In the second quarter, he invested in this area 476 million dollars, more than double than in the previous quarter. With regard to the issue, de del Moral believes that it is logical that operators and companies reach agreements to offer premium services, like practically in all sectors. That Yes, the expert He warns that what Yes must ensure, from the Administration, is that the minimum quota of ADSL offers a minimum of quality. The figure of $ 476 million Google invested in technology infrastructure information (data centers and servers) in the second quarter.

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Red Sea

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Well, the truth is that California is a seed, one of several, and it has traditionally been very innovative in technology, science, fashion, finance and arts, since there is a tremendous opportunity to change. Within North America, the other side of this would be the area of maximum magnetism, where the magnetic fields are the most dense. And you can find it on the inside of some southern States, States traditionally considered conservative. This does not mean that there can be no change. Instead, what drew is that change takes much more time and people have to see a really good reason to get out of what they were always doing. Wynn: So, where the magnetic field is less dense, are people more open to what comes up at the moment? Gregg: Is open to change, point. Peter Thiel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. That doesn’t mean that change is neither good nor bad, neither correct nor incorrect.

It is important to be clear about this. The consciousness of the people will be what determines how that change will occur. I’ll give an ironic example. There is a curve of level zero that runs right through the middle of Middle East. It actually runs almost directly over the Suez Canal zone, passing just over Israel, all along the coast of the Red Sea. Yes, right in that area there is a curve of level zero. This means that the area is based to change. But again, the mode in which comes the change (whether peaceful and constructive or angry and destructive – It will be determined by the consciousness of the people who live there.

Wynn: So not is this neither good nor bad? Gregg: exactly. It is simply an opportunity for change.

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If we understand the life of the patient as a strip of time where a photographic sequence way you are transcribing the vital adventures, will be important in a first analysis, to study correlations between her biography and her photographs, so that we can highlight resonance and dissonance between what we said in his biography and what we see in their pictures to illustrate what I have saidI want to discuss what happened in the treatment of a man successful and made himself. To show me his photographic history stopped at a photograph of his childhood (see image) telling me: in this photo you can see my humble origin and the calamities of my childhood. Note that all the children in the photo are shoes and I’m the only one going in sneakers. This can give you an idea of the deprivations we spent as you can see in the picture (is the child of the first bank marked with a circle), the patient when it was child, OCCUPIES a place CENTRAL and VISIBLE, where not seems to care much if it was or not slippers. He looks happy and shiny. I pointed out to that child of photography did not believe it was what he said, since if he had embarrassed sense had not situated the first Bank and its expression would be more sad and inhibited.

Before my confrontation, he stood perplexed. This contrast between what they thought and now saw was decisive for placing his legend in the right terms. Thanks to objective memory of the photo, it could undo the misunderstanding of his subjective memory. Without the photographic resource not his had achieved no change in the view of the reality experienced by him.

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World Tourism Organization

cat September 11th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

He has a really positive effect on these in both insofar as it contributes to meet their own ends to its maintenance and protection. This form of tourism indeed justifies efforts requiring such maintenance and protection of the human community, because of the socio-cultural and economic benefits that implies for everyone involved. However, anyone that is your motivation and benefits involved, cultural tourism is not detached from the negative, harmful and destructive effects which carry the massive and uncontrolled use of monuments and sites.

Respect for these, although in the case of the elemental desire to keep them in a State of appearance that allows them to play their role as a tourist attraction and cultural education, elements brings with it the definition and development of rules that maintain acceptable levels. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mickey Hart on most websites. In any case, with a perspective for the future, respect for the world cultural and natural heritage, is the that it should take precedence over any other consideration, by very justified that this is from the social, political or economic point of view. Such respect can only be assured through a policy aimed at the provision of the necessary equipment and the orientation of tourist movement, taking into account the limitations of use and density that can not be ignored with impunity. Moreover, need to condemn entire endowment of tourist equipment or services that come into contradiction with the primary concern which must be the respect due to the existing cultural heritage. (II) basis of action based on the above: on the one hand the representative entities of the tourism sector and, secondly, of the protection of the natural and cultural heritage, deeply convinced that the preservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of the majority can only be enforced within an order by which to integrate cultural values in the social and economic objectives that are part of the planning of the resources of States, regions, and municipalities; Taking note, with the greatest interest of the measures contained in the appendices to this Declaration, each of them is willing to adopt in their sphere of influence;

They make an appeal to States so they assure a rapid and vigorous application of the International Convention for the protection of the world heritage, Cultural and Natural adopted on 16 November 1972, as well as the recommendation of Nairobi; They trust that the World Tourism Organization, in fulfilment of its purposes, and the UNESCO, within the framework of the above-mentioned Convention, make greater effort, in collaboration with the signatory agencies, and all those who in the future adhere, to ensure the implementation of the policy that such entities have been defined as the only one able to protect mankind from the effects of the increase in an anarchic tourism whose result is the negation of its own objectives; They express their desire that the States, through their administrative structures, operators of tourism organizations and associations of consumers and users adopt all appropriate measures to facilitate the information and training of people that project travel tourist purposes both inside and outside their country; Aware of the extreme necessity of changing the current attitude of the public in general about the greatest phenomena triggered by the massive development of tourism, they want that, from school age, children and adolescents be educated in knowledge and respect for monuments, sites and cultural heritage, and that all written, spoken or visual media exposed to the public components of this problem, which would contribute effectively to the formation of a universal conscience; Unanimously ready to the protection of the cultural heritage which is the very basis of international tourism, commit themselves to help in the fight started on all fronts against the destruction of this heritage by all kinds of pollution; and, for that purpose, it appeals to architects and scientists worldwide experts so that the most advanced modern technology resources are placed at the service of the protection of monuments..

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Healthy Years

cat September 8th, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

Healthy life, before being a selfish conception where I care very little else, is a style in which I seek to share what I have and what I know, to respecting others. A healthy mind be healthy first means a healthy mind. Our mind governs our behavior: what we do and do not do. Our mental maturity allows us to facing everyday situations of life. If we have developed little mental and emotional maturity with over the years, we will be fickle in our decisions, our appreciation and conception of life. We have heard many times about people difficult character, how unhappy are themselves and how unhappy are those who surround them: parents, children, couples, spouses, etc. These people can hardly opt for a conception of healthy lifestyle, because they sabotage their own happiness and that of others.

Need a mental health adequate, free of prejudices, derrotismos, pessimism and conflicts to want to live a healthy life. Credit: Harrison Ford-2011. Healthy living is first created as a concept in our mind to then be able to be carried out on the basis of our actions. You are others say much affects a depressive tendency or our mood in physical well-being and how much can influence it to recover properly, for example from a disease. Physically healthy means the concept of holistic health healthy living in all areas of life, not just the physical, so that our physical well-being is key to the concept of healthy life but is not the only one. We have already seen how important is our mind to understand and believe ourselves in the concept of healthy life and take him to the practice. Proper food and exercise are the key factors to enjoy a physically healthy life. Eating healthy should be a priority for all, but unfortunately this modern, industrialized world has upset our eating habits with the so-called junk food, preservatives, harmful chemicals, artificial food excess and thus have away us from natural food, which is that us offers more possibilities of preventing heart disease, cancer and diseases in general. We must return to our roots, eating food of nature and free from preservatives to improve our physical health.

Current technology and a sedentary lifestyle also play against us, because we deprive a good walk outdoors. Swimming, cycling, etc. are also simple activities to keep our bodies healthy and active. Health is also in the spirit if we are exclusively matter and mind, perhaps physical exercise and intelligence we would suffice to meet our existence. But we have also been created as spiritual entities, and this regardless of who we are or not religious. Activities such as artistic creation (writing, music, painting, etc.), prayer, meditation, among others, are activities that nourish our spirit, and therefore makes us healthier. Every human being can recognize, according to your experience, you have spiritual needs that need to be satisfied to live with balance and happiness. Believing in God, good and evil, that this life is fleeting but there is a future hope that transcends beyond death, is a way to recognize that we have a reason why we are in this world. This us It does lead a healthier life, because it fills our life’s purpose and future hope. To lead a healthy life we must have balance in several areas of our lives, really wish a life optima and allow our similar also have the healthy life that we yearn for.

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The Treatment

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The technology should never be considered in isolation in the treatment of the information, but it is the means for an information system meets the purpose for which it was created, optimizing the expected results. b. everything fits all if serious was the problem of considering that technology is the only necessary solution for the treatment of information in an institution and its knowledge generation, it is thinking that a common technology or information system can operate in different organizations, regardless of your business, staff which composed them or strategy information that manage. c. everything is information the third common error encountered is to confuse information with data, thinking that the information is easily storable and, ultimately, that knowledge is the result of technical processes with data, rather than a planned and intelligent information management. Information and knowledge management in the foundations chain informational in documentation sciences there is a series of processes and well-defined tasks that enable institutions and foundations manage scientific information contained in your documents, it is from the discipline called the documentary chain but that effects of the reality of the Spanish foundations we like called chain informational by real-final use of the information contained in the documents as a basis for management. Although there are many classifications, we understand the informational string would be divided into the following processes and tasks: * entry process: allow the entry of information in the system that we will use for its management.

Acquisition task may involve the purchase of information to companies or external institutions. Digitization allows to integrate the information contained in documentary media to digital processes comprehensible by the automated systems of information. Management of information and knowledge on foundations * treatment process: actual documentary activity that involves the representation of the information contained in the documents in a completely different way, in order to facilitate your inquiry or subsequent recovery.

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Syrian State

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But I ask myself the question, whether the local security officials know even the interests of the Syrian State and act accordingly? To what extent some actors of the Syrian policy and many security officials want to really have the unity and the stability of the country? Or have they become so blind against their arrogance? Do about some really so because they have the intention to destabilise the country and may help the country gain Iraqi conditions. I wonder who is now the country loyal this opposition and freethinkers and the indigenous people or the many officials and intelligence officers. Because exactly these dissenters, people and other hefty will to centrifugal forces of the country with the time. Unfortunately the politicized courts, as well as the public prosecutor’s Office make no effort to verify the accusations of opposition forces your truth! Either because they know the truth and not they want to admit or do not want that this truth of the world is known, or they are so open to blackmail, that they are still depending on which is more true. From the other side, certainly has the monopoly of the physical violence of the State, but this practice of the exercise of this violence is compliant with the law? And if it did; are such laws with the Constitution and the international agreements, the Syrian State signed vereinbarbar? No such laws and regulations, not the ruthless intelligence official and not the demonstrations, guarantee the stability of the country, but reforms to the democratization of society and State institutions. The defence of human rights and the attainment of the national rights of national groups and minorities. The preservation of stability factors such as Christians in this country. Marlon brando is open to suggestions. All of this and other proposals of civil society and the peaceful opposition are guarantees for the stability, the security of the country and of peaceful coexistence in the country and with. Such questions must be the civil society in Syria, but such questions must loyal functionaries and politicians are honest and the land and find a solution for the sake of the country and the Syrian citizen. Raif Toma

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