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Opening: 1 Permanent IVV Trail In Konigs Wusterhausen At August 21, 2009

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Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. The touring Spandau e.V. Berlin, Member of the German public sports association (DVV) and the tourism Dahme Lakes Association of Konigs Wusterhausen have set up this trail and be entertained him jointly. The opening event will take place on August 21, 2009 at 9:00, at the Office of tourist information station Konigs Wusterhausen (S-Bahn and regional trains) instead. To read more click here: Kaiser Family Foundation. All citizens of the city, the environment, out of the country and also from Berlin are invited.

The regional Chair of the German public sports association, Heino Ripke, the Chairman of the DVV touring Spandau e.V., Horst Zander and representatives of the Tourism Association of Dahme Lakes, like also Andreas Peters, with particular usage the cooperation between tourism association and Spandau has organized touring, have announced your attendance to the opening ceremony. The first permanent IVV man has set up 3 different long hiking trails 6 km through the Tiergarten, 12 km to the Wustershausen Lake and 22 km to the Krupelsee trail in Konigs Wusterhausen. Start/finish is always the Office of tourist information at the station of Konigs Wusterhausen. Horace Mann is the source for more interesting facts. More information can be obtained on the Web pages of the Organizer: and on the opening day are the interested walkers, especially runners, Walker, Nordic Walker and the simple recreational athletes led after purchasing the start map of Andreas Peters about the 22 km route and by Horst Zander about the 12 km route. With the start card for 1.50 you can get free also tender for the permanent IVV trail and a detailed description of all three routes on the start/finish. 1 permanent IVV trail in Konigs Wusterhausen, which means, hiking without set times and without any further Edition or binding, except the daily opening hours of the tourist office.

Hiking almost every day on selected routes and with scoring ability to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the DVV also means. The hikes will be settled each a start card for every hike and each participant according to the guidelines of the DVV on acquisition. You can get in a personal classification folder in the Office of the tourist office to stamp entry confirm the individual successfully completed hiking miles. Get Wertunghshefte Wanderverin Spandau e.v.. In the tourist information Konigs Wusterhausen also the tendering of the first permanent IVV are hiking trail in Berlin Spandau Citadel City Berlin-Spandau (10 km distance) and of the first permanent IVV Nordic walking trail in Berlin, Bull ditch trail (5 and 12 km) available. The 1st Nordic walking trail in Berlin by the touring Spandau e.V. just with great success the 01.08.2009 opened on.

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The CYCLASSICS Anyone Cycling Live On Sportics.NET

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Sportics.NET – optimize your sports on Sunday, the 16th August starts again the largest anyone cycling of Europe in Hamburg. With almost the entire sportics team cycling. More info: Zillow. The athletes on the 155 km round from 8:00 are equipped with various mobile devices (iPhone, NOKIA and Windows Mobile) and real time telemetry of capable applications, live on Sportics.NET track. All together on a map, so you can always see who is where and how its current position within the team. Sportics.NET thus heralds the next generation of trend-setting live sports a monitor. Route and performance data are transmitted in real time on the platform, and also parallel directly in the athlete’s sports diary. And this not only from a device of a manufacturer, but at the same time with different “mobile phones”, and by various athletes on a map.

This is pure live challenge. To see not only which is current position of the athletes, but also its performance values – naturally synchronized in numbers and graphics. Trainer and supervisor, of course the family and friends, are informed about the performance of their athletes constantly, without itself being. The developer team of sportics makes this one quite clear: absolute openness. “Our live sports monitor is open to any manufacturer of real-time telemetry-enabled applications”, so Frank Knobloch, Managing Director of carbon of logistics.

“Our passion is the platform – with the athletes in the Center. What we with the connection of a wide variety of sports computer (polar, Ciclosport, Garmin, Suunto, etc.) have started, is now continuing with the real-time data transfer. “We want to build any applications and sensors, we constantly optimize the platform and pleased everyone, of the interface to our live sports monitor is integrated into its software”, so Knobloch continued. Especially “the athletes” should benefit from it. Because sportics it comes, that anyone can use his preferred equipment, no matter what. And not the other way around: that he buy a specific device need to “have to” use this on any platform. For the CYCLASSICS 2009 makes the spor tics team still calling: “If you have an iPhone, app already uses the spor tics or were going to buy anyway and go in Hamburg the 155 km, then we broadcast live also your race. Sign up simply send an eMail to… “.” CYCLASSICS live: Ingo Popp

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Karlsruhe Insurance

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Decision meeting, AZ. 1S 176/10 of Court of Karlsruhe, a proof must not be become effective the termination of a private health insurance is only possible since the introduction of the compulsory of insurance if a corresponding result insurance is demonstrated. Central health insurance had to had to calm customers and intermediaries worried, because they accepted such allegedly only in the original, what emerged as a misunderstanding. The so-called result insurance is regulated by law. The duty to proof is regulated in section 205 VVG. It says under item 6: (6) by way of derogation from paragraphs 1 to 5 may terminate the policyholder only insurance, which fulfils an obligation of article 193, paragraph 3, sentence 1, when he completes a new contract with another insurer for the insured person, this requirement met. The denunciation shall take effect only if the policyholder proves that the insured person with a new insurer without interruption is insured.

After This certificate of termination must be previously prevailing opinion at least but to be effective getting of this. Described in my blog post “Termination of private health insurance (PKV) contribution increase to 01 01 now terminated?”, no one can cancel so in 2012, which did not get the increase of its contribution. Based on the experience of the last few years some are likely to be this however also in this year again. They notice that this then debiting of the new contribution of the PKV, later than in 2011. Who has said so in 2011, but has not provided proof of insurance (and thus meet the insurance requirements) which is rejected the termination.

This double to pay contributions, or must pay risk quite. (Explanation: suddenly I have two private health insurance at the same time?) Is that possible?) The Karlsruhe Regional Court (AZ. 1 S 176 / 10) represents a different view now.

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Copernicus Energy

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In addition to a high speed, a lower amount of energy is required to continue driving the car. That is why a cars performance is nearly 40 miles per gallon in the city and nearly 65 miles per gallon in track. SELF-generation if either is true, you can refute that this car can auto generate their own electricity, since a law of thermodynamics says that energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed. But this car is not creating energy from nothing. What you are doing is to transform the energy accumulated into electrical energy. An example helps you understand the idea.

On August 24, 2001, flight 236 Air Transat, which was an Airbus 330 almost 275 tons of weight, plan more than 100 kilometers, to stay without fuel and therefore without electricity. Electricity to keep operating the aircraft electronic systems was obtained from an air turbine propeller, which was moved by the speed of the aircraft. In other words. The accumulated energy of the aircraft became electricity. Now, there is a tested and proven scientific fact that He questioned that the energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed.

A type of wind energy windmill rotates at a speed of 50 laps (or revolutions) per minute, spinning the main shaft of the gearbox, making these 50 revolutions per minute at 1,800 revolutions per minute. Result 25,000 volts, which multiply these 25,000 volts on 450,000 volts which can cater to 34,000 households to bounce at different intensity magnets. Then, if the energy is not created nor destroyed and only transforms. How is 50 revolutions become 1,800 revolutions it possible? Or as it is possible that 25,000 volt become 450,000 volts? This does more to prove that science is all that which has not been refuted. Now that science claimed him Copernicus that the earth did not move and was the center of the universe. The Wright brothers that it was impossible that a body heavier than air could fly. To Marconi that it was impossible that a wireless wave crossed the Atlantic by the curvature of the Earth. It has not been able to summarize it and define it better Jose Ingenieros. The mediocre, have always been blind for the auroras.

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Pay Per Click

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In this article I will speak, although very brief, on the advertising system most used on the Internet and the best results given. First a brief description to know that it is. Adword is a system for making advertising on the web with sponsored listings (paid advertisements) the vast majority of Internet users who enter the web trying to find something makes it through Google, for this simple reason, (because most uses it) is that the results offered in terms of advertising are the best. In Google nothing is improvised or RID random, everything is perfectly calculated and in addition they are always innovating in terms of technology, practicality, effectiveness, support etc. Your competition is always ahead. There are two ways to put ads on Google and in the two cases are extra. 1) Orientation by network DEBUSQUEDA: they are ads that are shown when someone enters the search engine and placed a particular keyword in the search bar.

Ads that appear at the top (usually with yellow background) and the ads that appear in the right margin (usually 8 ads or less) that are called, sponsored links. (2) Guidance for content network: Are ads that appear within the web sites and which are distinguished because they have a presentation that says: Google ads, can be in any part of the website that the place where they appear chooses it the webmaster of the site; These ads are relevant to the web site in question. These two possibilities have different ways of payment, one is PPC or Pay Per Click (pay per click) in this case Google will charge everytime someone clicks on your listing no matter how many times the ad appears. Each time that displayed an ad on the search network, i.e. increasingly displays such advertisement, known as print, then it means that an ad can have many prints but a single click. You do not pay for impressions, but for the times that they have clicked. The other option of advertising is CPM, or Cost per mille (cost per thousand impressions), here you will pay every 1,000 impressions, your listing will be displayed thousand times and there Google will be charged, regardless of whether they have done click on the ad or not.

The advantage of advertising in sponsored links is that they are based on keywords, so the announcement can direct you to the public who really interests you. Google Adwords is a very complete and complex system of advertising and to talk about and list their advantages, variants, possibilities, methods, tools, etc would need to write it, not in articles, but in books, and in fact already have been written many. Anyway, I recommend that you interests in this and spend some time to know more deeply this system which is really very useful for everyone who knows how to manage it and take advantage of their wide possibilities in my new site, within very little, you will find lots of information in this regard. Finally: Like everything on the Internet, it is also necessary to know and know well that it is, I assure you that learn it cam long and also to apply the updates, changes and renewals Permanent; but believe me, very few things you will find on the Internet that is as exciting and to provide as much information and learning material. Now you take care of discovering it and apply it to your benefit. Lots of luck!

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Recover Lost Or Deleted Files

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As a lifeline, it is data backup programs such as repainting a wall sprayed with graffiti. The new white coat of paint does not prevent that the colorful murals including completely disappears. When scraping the white color, the Graffiti is visible again. Likewise, this is a delete of files on a disk. The data are more or less the graffiti and the deletion process is the white color.

With which programs deleted data can be recovered back, shows the portal for online auctions. If the afflicted users after an accidental deletion of files from sheer helplessness attempting to edit the disk, a recovery is no longer possible. A software for data backup would be appropriate in this case. With such special programs to backup, it is even possible to get back lost data, deleted directly from the USB flash drive or who disappeared by the formatting of the disk. The market offers various Software. Consumer should make sure particularly for where the software will be used. Tests found that respectable services achieve the common and free Windows hard drive format FAT32 as the successor format NTFS. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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Hyundai Motor Sets

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Balesio FILEminimizer server takes a novel approach to save storage space and storage in companies: file optimization. Steinhausen, January 12, 2010: Hyundai Motor of Germany, the importer for the Korean brand vehicles relies on the FILEminimizer technology of balesio AG and implements the new server storage solution FILEminimizer server. Thanks to optimisation of file Hyundai saves now valuable storage space and storage. Balesio FILEminimizer server takes a novel approach to save storage space and storage in companies: file optimization. This Office and image files will be checked, whether they are stored in optimal form on the server. This is often not the case and just Office and image files consume unnecessarily much disk space on servers. Optimization using FILEminimizer technology used on file-level and individual file optimized.

Both the quality as the file format remain unchanged, only the file size is reduced depending on the file using FILEminimizer technology to up to 98%, E.g. a 100 MB up to 2 MB PowerPoint file can shrink. Often through file optimization “space reductions on servers of global over 70 percent accessed, so that companies can gain back enormous storage space and can reduce ongoing costs for storage. File optimization is a novel and highly effective approach to reduce space and storage”, explains Karl Betz, lead product manager of balesio AG, In contrast to virtualization and Deduplication valuable disk space can be recovered with file optimization without new investments in hardware and without interference in existing IT environments immediately, immediately and inexpensively.” At Hyundai, which now becomes reality. Under the responsible IT administrator Mr Messner, FILEminimizer server directly on the server Office and image files will optimize with the optimization can be also time-controlled by the Scheduler.

Through multi processors optimization and the intelligent multi-layer security concept is a liquid and quickly optimize of large file volume guarantees. Besides the reduction in space, further positive effects set at Hyundai. So, backup processes are accelerated backup window bigger and massively relieves bandwidth and network through the smaller files. More information about the use of FILEminimizer technology and its applications, case studies, white papers and free trial versions of the software, see fileminimizerserver about balesio AG: the balesio AG is a leading Swiss software company of standard software and solutions. balesio offers as a manufacturer of business solutions in the areas of server – data compression and storage optimization with FILEminimizer and FILEminimizer server applications. Balesio software was already sold in over 130 different countries and is today successfully used by SMEs, universities, public organizations, authorities and a large majority of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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London Files

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For one, this is the user-based archiving directly from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or GroupWise, the users of the interface of the email program from your messages can archive and browse. On the other hand, PST and NSF files into fully searchable collections of XML files, native files in the case of annexes and (optional) MSG files can be converted. This separated TIFF, PDF, and bitmap files from the others and automates searchable made. Thirdly, there is the possibility of a server-based archiving, whereby all desired information, such as E-mail and newsgroups from the Microsoft Exchange Server are copied and stored as XML files, along with any attachments. Saving in XML ensures compatibility with future systems without the need for expensive conversions.

Information such as the Recipient, sender, date and time are added automatically as key fields, so the archive is automatically structured. All of our solutions for E-Mail Archiving support companies in the key memory issues in connection with emails and reduce the size of email databases. Similarly they comply with today’s requirements in relation to litigation and E-Discovery, compliance, and corporate governance”, explains Johannes Scholtes, ZyLAB’s Chief Strategy Officer. Nowadays, where the enormous amounts of E-Mail threatens to disrupt the memory regularly, the retention policies are changing and increasingly legal teams contact the IT Department for assistance in preparing for E-discovery issues. In this connection open and scalable email archiving solutions are in demand.” About ZyLAB distribution BV: the modular solutions for E-Discovery and enterprise-wide information management organizations can all data with any Manage format. Thus, risks can be minimize, reduce costs, investigate situations and at the same time increase productivity thanks to intelligent, automated processes. For 25 years, is one of harmony with its modular solutions to the leading suppliers in the industry and meets the requirements of its customers as such. To do this, he offers advanced technologies related to multilingualism, search, content analysis, document examination, as well as the E-Mail and records management.

The harmony eDiscovery & production system was compliant with the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) developed and includes modules for forensic analysis data collection, the selective sorting of specific documents, email conversion and archiving (Exchange, Lotus Notes and GroupWise), as well as for the legal review. ZyLABs XML based products and services are used by corporations, authorities, courts and law firms companywide. Moreover, they come in special projects within the framework of legal services, revisions and Audits to the usage. The systems are available alternatively as SaS (software-as-a-service) model. Currently, harmony has sold 1.7 million user licenses in more than 9,000 installations.

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The Psychology Of People

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It’s not easy to try and figure out the psychology of people. What happened on the day was that she went somewhere, tore herself from the veil, then went out, and as if nothing happened, rushed into the street to smoke. She does not care what people think, it has completely forgotten that it was her wedding that is all around do not look at it as abnormal, and in the end she puts in an awkward position as their parents and her husband. It was getting late and we went to bed and this morning I learned the following. It turns out that our emotional girl had scratched his face groom, and lashed out with his fists on his own mother, who tried to calm her down and explain that either. And the groom, in turn, could not resist and put it under the eye of Fingal. And it was all done on their wedding night – an unforgettable wedding night, right? On the bed together, even speech could not have all slept in separate rooms.

Maybe something I do not know, who knows how to call it – a modern romance that liJ Here are are a wedding, and I was able to visit her. I still can not understand how a normal guy who almost did not drink or smoke, exercisers ugorazdilo find a miracle in the feathers. The fate of this or something, but can not escape from it. And it is that instead of brains? Even animals do not always behave the way she led. A person like me no, no soul, no conscience, no the slightest respect for people. A respect for his own person, and even speech can not be.

Normal person, even if its something and did not suit at the wedding, will suffer, will keep all their emotions to themselves, and the next day will express all the pleasure. This should be a great actress, that would be able to arrange such a circus in humans. And the bartender is working, but for her movie cry I feel sorry for these people, and even more sorry for their parents that they raised such a heartless monster, and most importantly, these people have not re, she has “Broken hysteria” in the blood. I do not know how to put them on family life, whether they are happy, but from personal observation, I can say that this the wedding was a mistake, these people do not fit together. Maybe I too believe in the wedding superstition, but the broken glass at the wedding will not bring them a family happiness. Although who knows, he may still be able to re-educate their wife, will be the year, and they are all the wedding story will be remembered with a smile on his face. Life will show, I can only speculate. And now you want to return to the top of my story and the words “To even a hundred years later, at the end of life each her party would say how it was fun, nice and original. ” With regard to this marriage, here a little, I saw a beautiful, something that was a chur, originally did not argue, but how much fun it was fun just nowhere, the result of the whole was on the face of the bride and groom. I, in turn, can only wish them a family happiness, patience, respect for each other, and far too want that everything is as it was, and that would be my observation proved to be false and just me invented.

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Become Tea Buyer

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Pretty weird arranged contemporary society. We all swear to a professional environment, demand the most severe punishment for thieves and scammers. But if we are asked to buy an expensive item with a very large discount (read: dirt-cheap) do not ask ourselves the question: Is it not stolen? Or, more importantly: not trying to rob me of the selling is certainly useless subject? Everyone has long known: during the street trade in vegetables, fruits or other goods by weight rampant deception: to facilitate the weights for weighing or the use of magnets on the scales of older structures (current balance of power demand, and where can I get it on the street tray?). But even electronic weighing not eliminates the calculation, when the buyer acquires a large variety of goods. The main thing to convince the buyer cultural and fast service that works 'professional' trade, and then easily maneuver with math – and here a few cents, and sometimes tens of rubles paid in excess of this price. In St. Petersburg police are not so long ago it was forming a new department dealing exclusively with violations of the trade. Mobile militia groups carried out test purchases of the weight of the goods, while systematically catching 'artists' from street vendors.

However, a serious risk to our purse such crooks do not represent. Ha food gain is low, and another thing radios or appliances! In St. Petersburg, practiced a very special kind of weaning cash. 'Hit of the season! Sale of 2003! " – To a potential buyer accesses a nice young man with soulful tale of holding large, publicly traded company trading on-site with great discounts.

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