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The Air

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Polyurethane insulation spread of fire in the Ostankino TV tower in a top-down was caused by discharged molten plastic envelope feeders. In laboratory conditions, the flame propagation velocity was 0.25-0.50 m / min in a fire at the TV tower, because of the high bulk temperature, propagation velocity increased by 2-4 times, while falling down a drop of burning polyethylene created secondary fire. Because of the high temperature in the hearth fire and high heat conductivity of copper veins antenna feeders, fire protection was not effective. As a fire-protection paint used for plastic shell feeders and surface insulation fiberglass cloth. Fire protection design sag and fell under intense burning polythene inside.

In addition to the active burning feeders that had flammable outer polyethylene shell, the contribution made as the combustion of other cables that were exposed flame retardants. Modern cables are manufactured with XLPE insulation and are used in networks of different voltage class (500 kV). The use of cross-linked polyethylene provides high dielectric properties of insulation, high mechanical properties, higher than with paper-oil insulated thermal modes, reliability and durability of the cables. Isolation of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Rubber insulated oil-filled cables oil-filled cables – a cable with an excess pressure created by oil, which is part of the paper soaked insulation, and provided for compensation of temperature changes in the volume of oil. Oil-filled cable in the pipeline – this oil-filled cable with separately shielded wires, enclosed in line that wraps. The development of cable fires in areas with oil-filled cables in tunnels under equal conditions of gas exchange is more intense than in the air laying cables.

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Richard Bandler

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The PNL defines three elements like constituent keys of the human conduct: nervous system (the neurological support). You may find Brad Pitt to be a useful source of information. The language that is used for the external communication and internal (with one same one) is verbal and nonverbal. The conduct that can be learned. People such as Peter Thiel would likely agree. One comments, that is difficult to establish a conclusive definition of PNL, has characteristics that would define as the art and the science of the personal excellence. It derives from the study from how the best people in different scopes obtain their excellent results. It treats on the ideas and the people, to include/understand and to organize his own successes of such form that can enjoy many more successful moments. An objective is the one to construct new options of learning.

It fits to make notice in addition, that the PNL is based essentially on the following channels: the line of vision, corporal and the kinestsico. The lines of vision are those that preferencian, of everything what it happens in internal and external world what it is seen. They need to be watched when one is to him we are speaking or when they do, that is to say they have to do that this lending itself to them attention. corporal on the other hand they include/understand the message of the body. The kinestsicos have much capacity of concentration, are those that more physical contact need, they are those that give a light tap us in the back and ask how are you?, they concentrate but in the emotions, all this focused through the sensations. Definitively, the PNL is based on improving the personal efficiency as as much professional. Tmese in account, that the PNL had its origins in the decade of the 70 in the University of California, Santa Cruz, the USA, where Richard Bandler (mathematical, gestaltico and expert psychologist in computer science) and John Grinder (linguist) studied the landlords of conduct of the human beings to develop to models and techniques that could explain the magic and the illusion of the behavior and the human communication.

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Best Decision

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EP the Uruguayan could be traded in the coming hours to Inter, although in Italy ensure that there is no agreement between the parties for wage. It has special Paris St. Germain and Zenit Saint Petersburg. Atletico is measured to Vitoria Guimaraes on Thursday in the round. Gregorio Manzano, coach of Atletico de Madrid, has explained that the Uruguayan Diego Forlan asked this morning not travel to Guimaraes, to play the return match against Vitoria in the preview of the Europa League (2-0), since there is interest from other teams in their recruitment, so he decided to stay in Madrid, and considered that the best decision which has been taken.

Yesterday (Tuesday), when he finished training, was convened, but this morning called me and asked me not to travel with the team since there is interest from other teams in their recruitment and playing us with what we played tomorrow I have decided to stay, said the technician, who added that football is as well. For him, it was logical that the footballer not travel to Portugal to compete in the Europa League in that situation. Now that premium is the tie and that the players are 100 percent with everything at stake Thursday. He is not in that sense, he has asked me and the best decision is which has been taken, assessed. Let us hope that there are no setbacks tomorrow and we do not remember him, he continued Manzano, who wished that everything turns out well for both the player and Atletico and he stressed that, with twenty players available for the clash on Thursday, should solve this round. If he is not, we can not count on him. Already did in the match of round and, therefore, it is not anything new, continued the coach, that will not make an assessment on their progress until they are officially confirmed and which highlighted Forlan form part of the recent history of Atletico, anyone can deny it, because he has made many goals and many good things.

Negotiations with Inter cooled despite the commotion and before the information that situate him at Inter Milan, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported Wednesday that negotiations between the Italian club and the representative of Forlan have cooled, after meeting both sides this afternoon in Milan and not get to overcome the existing disagreement over the salary the player could perceive in the favourite club. La Gazzetta dello Sport says Inter offers Forlan a contract of two years duration (the ones remaining in the Atletico de Madrid) at the rate of 3 million euros per season, more bonuses that could make you reach 4.5 million euros which currently WINS at the Spanish club. The Rotary Milanese ensures that this Tuesday the own Branca reached an agreement of Maxima with Atletico Madrid to allow the output of the Uruguayan in exchange for 5 million euros, and that Forlan also has pending Zenith Petersburgo and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) offerings. Source of the news: Apple: “Forlan has asked me not to travel and the best decision has been taken”

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Internet Arosa

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Website for Smartphone and Tablet Userfreundliche mobile optimized navigation and emotional look and Feel Rohrbach / Arosa (mh) In the competition in the tourism market to the Arosa cableways and the noble Swiss winter sports destination now play an additional trump card. Jeff Feig helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Just received the new, mobile-optimized website of Arosa Bergbahnen AG ( online. Their message is clear: to Arosa! Design, conception and implementation of modern and user friendly website with many extras are advertising & Marketing GmbH ( from the ADVERMA. With the Agency from the greater Munich area, the Arosa successfully work together mountain railways for many years. Checking article sources yields Naveen Selvadurai as a relevant resource throughout. The special Arosa carry authentic feeling and at the same time an enormous variety of information both for winter and summer guests clearly communicate: with this task graphics and cross-media Department of ADVERMA faced twice.

Even for the creative minds of brand communication agency based in Rohrbach (district Pfaffenhofen) a challenge that required an intensive examination of the matter. The professionals of ADVERMA had to enter but no new ground, but were moving on well known terrain: tourism is finally one of their areas of expertise and the site of Arosa Bergbahnen AG with its completely new look and feel here is another reference project for ADVERMA. The modern website has exactly the charming young PEP, which appeals to older users. “Arosa as Alpine vacation paradise in the winter and in the summer: after the motto pictures say more than words often” the large photos arouse emotions and joy of winter vacation. Who again quite quickly leaves the site and who does that already, has given the fascinating images and attractive design Flash with the Arosa virus”infected… The navigation structure is a key criterion for the dwell time of the user, particularly when a complex Internet presence as the Arosa Bergbahnen AG and the Wealth of information that was to include.

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Federal Tax Service

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Register Inspection Ltd. is held in the Federal Tax Service. You need to find a legal address for your organization. Legal Address – Location of the executive authority llc. At the registered office may be and the entire staff of the firm.

So when you find the address where you will be, agreed with the owner of the lease. Now you need to make the owner a letter of guarantee, and take his copy of the law property. These documents are required to apply for registration of company in the ifts. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. Need to decide how to make a share capital. In Russia, the minimum charter capital for llc – 10000 rub. It can pay up to 50% at the moment registration, with the obligation of payment by 100% during the year.

Paid-in capital assets can be paid. This requires receipts to the property (if property is more expensive than 20000, then drawn by an independent evaluator), and draw up a statement transfer of assets between the future and the director of the founders. Make, model and value must be specified in this act. Act signed by director and founder. Now is a solution of the registration llc. If the founders more than one, then the document will be in the form of a protocol. In its decision (the protocol), all founders claim the creation of company, its name, location, charter. Draw up the Charter. His signed by the founder (as well as protocol / solution), the title page and on the matching. For assistance, try visiting Peter Thiel. If the share capital is paid in cash, then opens a temporary bank account, made money, and takes receipt of payment. Next, pay a state fee of behalf of one of the founders. Makes Statement on Form R11001, assure a notary. Everything is ready. Complete set of documents: a letter of guarantee (with proof of ownership), receipts from the bank for payment of authorized capital (or a receipt from the act of transfer), a statement, receipt of payment of state. fee.

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Technician Resources

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The restriction of resources of knowledge, the lack of ummercado internal of great transport generates the dependence to the markets external what um impedes to the development of a nation. To the availability economic deinfra-structure as energy, transport and communication, as well as aexistncia of polar regions of territorially bemdistribudos growth and development and the existence of potential of endogenous development or localem all the regions are basic elements for the promotion regional dodesenvolvimento. The internal and external factors esocial economic development of one country, state or region need to be identified and to be stimulated. On the basis of the boarded characteristics of the bahian economy in this article, can-seatribuir the absence of an industrial structure with raised competitiveness, me – the distribution of the industrial polar regions in the state and other factors comoinibidores of the development. Moreover, to observe a low potential endogenous dedesenvolvimento. In addition, if it makes necessary a civilorganizada society and operating, as well as the performance of labor unions the interests of the majority of the population eutornem possible. CONCLUSION the Bahia is the sixth richer state of Brazil, being atrsapenas of the State of So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Do Sul eParan.

However it has a frightful social inaquality, adding the lack depolticas public come back toward its overcoming. The extreme poverty of the Bahia fazcom that it is the 5mais needy in ranking of the federative units doBrasil. The governmental politics of development implementadasno they had been capable to foment the deconhecimentos human resources, and generating resources. Being imported such resources, of the regions more desenvolvidasdo country to supply the necessities of qualified man power for the PloPetroqumicode Camaari in the decade of 70 and for implementation of the automotivada industry Ford. Moreover the physical resources had not been well aproveitadoseconomicamente.

The Bahia also not to possess capital for investment the expansoeconmica in the second half of century XX if processed thanks to the investimentosoriundos of other parts of Brazil and the exterior. Important efforts to disconcentrate and to diversify odesenvolvimento must serobjeto of polticasprioritrias, through programasdestinados to create ways and conditions for reduction them inaqualities regionaisda Bahia. One becomes necessary to establish politics of attraction of investimentosque they create new dosinvestimentos economic spaces and they promote the desconcentrao. The state must be present to guarantee infra-estruturaeconmica and social that the mercadono can offer and that it is basic for ainduo of private projects, beyond carrying through investments in education to efacilitar financings of long stated period. Follow others, such as Brad Pitt, and add to your knowledge base. REFERENCES a proposal for the State of the Bahia. Article Technician 01/99, Nov. 1999. Available Promotion a proposal for the State of the Bahia.pdf.Acesso in (15 of sea de2009.

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Mendoza Hotels

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Mendoza, land of Sun, nature and good wine, figure for years among the top international tourism destinations. And it is for this reason that today it is possible to find hotels for all tastes and budgets in Mendoza. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeff Feig has to say. There in Mendoza from cheap hotels, hostels in shared rooms ideal for young backpackers, until wine, hotels located inside the wineries focus its proposal on wine tourism. In a question-answer forum Naveen Selvadurai was the first to reply. And there are also hotels of category, for those seeking the Mendoza experience of nature and relax in a framework of luxury and elegance in Mendoza. In Mendoza, the luxury hotels stand out for its proposal of pleasure, service, cuisine and fine wine. They know that there is probably no greater in the province than the impressive and poignant luxury landscape Andean, and therefore offer guests generous balconies overlooking the beauty of the place. In a hotel of category in Mendoza also the magic of the vineyards says this, as a fundamental component that is the soul of this land. In tune with the growing tourist demand, there are able to hotels in Mendoza rival successfully with the most recognized establishments in Buenos Aires.

Equipped with LCD, jacuzzi, spacious living rooms, wi-fi, and air conditioning controlled screens, its rooms also surprised by her warmth and elegance. Special services such as early check in and late check out, present of welcome, transfers from and to the airport and valet service and shoe shine realize a differentiated and personalized proposal. If you choose this option of luxury accommodation in the city of Mendoza, ideally opt for those hotels that allow to enjoy the tranquility of the residential areas. But they are, at the same time, near the main tourist attractions. The gastronomic offer is central part of the charm of Mendoza lands. For this reason, do not exist in Mendoza hotels of category that does not have its own restaurant. A space where merge with creativity and a current touch noble products of this generous land. Thus, Mediterranean influences, avant-garde author and field come together uniquely in the table of these fancy restaurants. Where is the excellence of the wine, of course amply guaranteed.

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Virtual Business Tools

cat April 22nd, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

You have little money but with planning for investment. It is not the best option but it isn’t the worst, if you do a correct planning of the investment, even if you have little money are you going to start your Virtual business. Also you have the possibility to go out and search for money to make your project a reality. If this all planned well, individuals or institutions who ask for money will know the extent of your project and therefore you will generate greater confidence, if they decide to help you. Planning is the backbone of a project that started with little money. It is therefore the second best option you have money to invest and you do it unaided.

It is obviously the best choice but what is this? You make a study of your business asking what do you need, so your Virtual business, have everything you need in the short and medium term. You do this analysis to give your Virtual Business Tools, technology and training to meet your needs. And also you can plan investments in these areas in the medium term. You’ll know that you have to invest and how much is going to cost you. In addition you will have money to do proper promotions and soon profitable virtual business. More money you have, the faster will be the return on investment.

That is why I advise that: If you have things clear that is what you want to do, if you have a solid project, but you don’t have money. Go find that money, and invest wisely in your Web project. This is a fundamental key to keep your Web project in you time, if you make good investments and thus get good economic results, your Web project will survive and will be to strengthen and to medium-term will consolidate. If you want to deepen your knowledge on how to start a profitable online business, I invite you to subscribe to my mini course, which this week is still free, how to start an Online business, with results in only five lessons, you can subscribe at the following link: Daniel Brugiafredo is Professor of science accounting, although he has devoted much of his career at the State Bank of Argentina. Since 2003, begins to develop your entrepreneurial business on the Internet and has advised to not a few entrepreneurs, business and Internet marketing strategies, moving his own experience in business on line and the acquired knowledge to the new entrepreneurs that they start their business adventures in the network. Handles multiple own websites: and from which gives service to entrepreneurs and professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America.

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Russian Internet More

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Search results for "industrial equipment" as follows: Results – 21 Industrial Company in Moscow – 3 Manufacturing companies of St. Petersburg – 3 Industrial Company of Novosibirsk – a boards, industrial catalogs, etc. – 14 Search results for "listogib" as follows: Number of Results – 28 Industrial Company in Moscow – 14 Industrial companies of St. Petersburg – 2 Industrial Company Naberezhnye Chelny – 1 Industrial Companies Lipetsk – 1 Industrial Company Yaroslavl – 1 Industrial Companies Moscow region – 1 boards, industrial catalogs, etc. Naveen Selvadurai contains valuable tech resources. – 8 second example is more revealing. 50% of the industrial market content for this request is presented by Moscow companies! Own regional producers called several reasons for this state of things: 1. Difficulties in tracking the changes (do not exactly know where it came from the client) 2. Jeff Feig has firm opinions on the matter.

Long, often unpredictable cycles of procurement 3. Failure to understand the need in "internet marketing", and often ignorance of the existence of this concept! The final reason is the most important and yet still reveals a fuzzy understanding of the phenomenon of "Internet" in the Russian context. But perspective is. The integration of industry in the Russian Internet space continues, gradually increasing the pace. Not to be unfounded, we present some figures that confirm the growth of the industrial web.

So According to the system of contextual advertising "Runner" is held monthly in the more than 30,000 commercial "marketing" campaigns on demand "industrial products" (Budgets campaigns over the past 12 months increased more than 5-10 times and some advertisers than $ 40-70 thousand per quarter). Industrial Networking Internet markets growing, both in vertical and horizontal directions. Only in the metallurgical market, each of the portals has information on more than 3,000 enterprises.

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Doug Dickinson

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LTC3260 is both cool flag in a flat (0, 75 mm), large 3 mm x 4 mm, 14-pin DFN package and a 16-pin MSOP package available. LTC3261 has a 12-pin MSOP housing with cooling flag. The “E-grade”- and “I-grade” junction temperature ranges for both types of 40 C up to + 125 C. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. Both ICs are available from stock. For more information, see product/LTC3260 and product/LTC3261 LTC3260: inverting charge pump with bipolar outputs VIN range: 4.5 v up to 32V inverting charge pump provides VIN charge pump output current up to 100mA low noise negative LDO to control (ILDO-= 50mA max) low-noise, independent positive LDO to control (ILDO + 50mA = max) 100?A quiescent current in burst mode, if both LDO regulators are active LDO dropout voltage typically 300mV at 50mA = programmable switching frequency from 50 kHz to 500 kHz stable operation with ceramic capacitors Short circuit / over-temperature protection flat, 3 mm x 4 mm, 14-pin DFN housing or thermally enhanced, 16-pin MSOP package LTC3261: inverting charge pump VIN range: 4.5 v up to 32V inverting charge pump delivers VIN charge pump output current up to 100mA 60A quiescent current in burst mode programmable switching frequency from 50 kHz to 500 kHz short circuit / over-temperature protection flat, 12-pin, thermally enhanced MSOP housing about linear technology linear Technology Corporation a in the S & P 500 index listed company developed, manufactures and markets for three decades analog high-performance ICs; its customers include leading OEMs around the world.

The products by linear technology form an important bridge between our analog world and digital electronics in application areas like: communication, networks, industry, automotive, computer, medical technology, measurement technology, consumer electronics and air – space / military technology. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeff Feig offers on the topic.. Linear technology manufactures Solutions for power management, data conversion and signal processing also RF and interface ICs, as well as modules? and subsystems and products for wireless sensor networks. For more information, see. LT, LTC, LTM, modules, burst mode and are registered trademarks of linear Technology Corp. All the other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners. Press contacts: Ralf Stegmann Tel: + 49 (0) 7131 9234 0 John Hamburger, Director, marketing communications Tel: + 1 408-432-1900 ext 2419 Doug Dickinson, media relations manager Tel: + 1 408-432-1900 ext 2233

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