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Many of us may know the name of people who feel themselves in a computer disaster heroes, like 'at ease'. Kiberpiratstvo in the web site grows with each passing hour, and many of the World Wide Web users often come across to the tricks of hackers. At first, they run the Trojan on a PC, after some hacked password. Unfortunately, few of us know that a hacker – not so much a bully and lomalschik, which produce a lot of horrors. For the present hackers are ranked and those by which we can download free movies with your favorite actresses, music, Yin Yang and 5fiesta family or playing our favorite and free Internet. Indeed, all the owners Torrent Trackers State considers hackers and cyber criminals.

What else? Hackers breach of copyright, pour into general use information that is available only for the money. And who among us has never used a freebie? Sometimes it's time to tell the pirates 'thanks!'. Since then, both found the four founders – activists The Pirate Bay (tracker 'Pirates Cove'), more and more of the organizers of the site with a public information free to dally cell. 'What they are doing wrong? Why do you say? STOP !!!', – resent and beg people. But the sense of do not.

That has to hide itself and hosts in the countries where the trackers are not punishable by law. What else? And such is! And this is the only escape from the hammer of justice. So what are the geniuses of the country? First, to remove all glimmers of hope in the euro area such almost not observed. One single exception is Romania, where the President himself put it on the Pirates of the legal stamp. According to studies done such a thing a lot of IT-pros in the country. Next story is not so joyful. The first engine was destroyed in Europe already in 2004 and since then the resumption of the servers will not start. On the contrary, specialists create more and more unassailable defenses. For another example, in Canada legally permitted to copy and distribution (!!!) music. But, if you dare to fill in the network a new series of 'Die Hard' or 'Starcraft', should reflect where the dash and where to hide. At the current time we did little information on the spread of kiberpiratstva in other states. But, having little information, you can say that this officially kiberpirat can work in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ethiopia, in Brazil (but gently!) and some other countries, such as some African Republic. But now, If Russia and marked a red cross on the map, everything – yet we have a torrent, and hopefully there will be. But the idea raises a reality site, who was in court for illegally copying the information. Escaped is not difficult: paid money, and changed the domain. But what if it does not last the tracker, which will write a complaint? In our time, and already adored by every 'Contact' falls under the distribution. I feel we will have to obtain registration in Ethiopia or try full life in extreme Afnganistane or Iraq. )))

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Future Advantages

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Today, an integral part of most modern websites is an interactive Flash-animation, which was developed with the support of Macromedia (Macromedia). The presentation, advertisements and banners on web pages become a familiar thing in the investigation of the flash-technology does not cause the old hype for most Internet users. That is why, until recently, the Internet began to emerge on a platform of flash technology integers Web resources, and outputting not only their individual pages. User-friendliness of this resource is an essential task of the webmaster. And then the question arises: Does this satisfy the requirements of the flash sites? Flash-design elements, Unlike ordinary gif-animations, implies a close relationship ActioScript scripting language and multimedia technologies. Technical problems arise with the most complex elements.

The stumbling block between flash-and web technology Web browsers have become plagin modules that are used to create multimedia projects. In the absence of certain modules in a browser problem viewing the flash elements. This may be the case perezht advertising banners. But as if the site is to be made entirely on a platform of flash? A bit of flash sites. In the west, on a platform of flash sites often, so onidavno use and create these resources. For several reasons, in runet such sites do not many. 1) Flash-built websites without the use of html, so the search engines to index them poorly (or not indexing). Here no promotion will not help in search engine ranking does not get.

It is likely that in future this problem will be solved. 2) Runet officially formed just 10 years ago. Too little time for a serious entry into the World Wide Web. 3) Sites on the platform flash can not be regularly replenished. So do not count on higher attendance. 4) Implement the most convenient features for the user (eg, search) can not be quite a lot of flaws in flash-technologies, but nevertheless should not abandon it altogether. Home Page does not go unnoticed if it is made in the form of spectacular clique.

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Apple IPhone 4G

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iPhone – a mobile phone, smart phone and mp3 player based on iPod in one device. iPhone – feature-rich mobile device. It is very convenient to watch and enjoy high quality audio, read e-books and work in Internet. iPhone 4G, as well as Apple iPad is powered by a new generation of System-On-Chip Apple A4. In the Apple iPhone 4G installed arm processor Cortex A8, 1 GHz, a hardware accelerator Power sgx, 256 mb ram, wireless module and WiFi 802.11n, and 3.5 inch display Retina Display, with resolution of 326 pixels. Additional information is available at Naveen Selvadurai. The phone has two camera: 5 megapixel camera with led flash and support for recording video in hd format and the front camera. In the iPhone 4G format Sim – the micro. The front side of iPhone 4G is made from mineral glass and the rear portion of the ceramic material.

The side frame is made of steel. The thickness of the smartphone -9.3 mm. The screen has a resolution of 960×640 pixels. In addition to iPhone 4G accelerometer gyroscope added. iPhone 4G comes with a memory – 16, 32 and 64 gb. Operating System – iOS 4

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External Advisers

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Shortly contests will be published public for granting of new licenses of radio in the communities of Valencia Euskadi Catalonia, Navarre and Cantabria. It is a good idea to know how how to have an external adviser in a process for which there are no possible failures. More information in ours blog or our Twitter brief #gcotelecom and in GCO Telecom TV or In GCO Telecom we make your available the experience of 20 years writing up supplies for contests of licenses of radio and TDT. For this reason, a few advice go here exceeds how to appear to a licitation of RF. 1. How is summoned a contest and who chooses the winners? Each Independent Community is the one in charge to summon the contests. The Government writes up a Sheet of Clauses (that are not more than bases or rules of game) that the bidding ones must fulfill.

These, considering these bases, write up the best supply as far as local programming, investment, technical creation of use, investments, etc. In order to decide who are the winners a Table of Valuation, formed by assigned personnel to the Administration is created. This Table scores the supplies received on the basis of the baremacin including in the Sheet, although the final valuation becomes on the basis of a removal of the baremacin that the table usually does not make public. That is to say, the Sheet includes a more or less generic scale that later the table develops. 2. How is prepared the best supply of licitation? A supply for a contest usually contains two parts: On 1: Is that one where all the legal documentation takes shelter that calls to each other in the Sheet. It does not score but it is necessary to be able to accede to the contest. It is very important because he is excluding: an error in him can suppose the disqualification or with difficult solution On 2: It is the document that the Table of Valuation scores.

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Air Ions

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Almost all of the "+" ions are derived from natural radioactivity. About 40% of the natural ions come from radioactive minerals in the ground. Each time a radioactive atom decays, releasing alpha particles in air, formed from 50000 to 500 000 pairs of ions. The other 40% comes from radon (Rn) of air (which produces about 250,000 ion pairs for each atom of radon), and 20% comes from cosmic rays (high energy photons from distant supernovae stars). Inside ions room "live" on average, about 30 seconds. before you get to the surface or go into the ground. Outdoors ions "live" is usually a few minutes. Negative ions come from radioactivity and from the evaporation of water.

Just lightning thunderstorms and forest fires also produce ions, but since these ions are not produced during good weather, it's usually only the radioactivity of the water evaporates and the ions produced in the open air. Normal concentration in clear weather negative ions is from 200 to 800 cm3, and positive from 250 to 1500 positive ions per cm3. Concentration indoors is usually less. Within a few hours before the storm concentration "+" ion increases immense, and sometimes exceeds 5000 ionov/sm3. During a thunderstorm, the number of "-" ions increases up to several thousand per cm3, and the number of "+" ion often falls to 500. The ions are usually produced by high-energy processes, such as open flame or very hot object (not hot to ignite). Hot objects usually emit equal numbers "+" and "-" ions.

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Modern Computer Graphics Systems

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Conditions for successful mastery of technical skills are the ability to read blueprints and knowledge of the rules of implementation and design drawings. Drawing is one of the main carriers of technological information, without which no do any production. Development of hardware and software computer technology led to the fact that when dealing with the computer main carrier of information is the image. Computer graphics is the most widely used in various fields of science and technology, economics and management in industry and in the learning process. Along with the improvement of perception allows computer graphics to simulate the on-screen display studied processes and phenomena, as well as create processes and objects. There are currently a lot of specialized software graphics package with which you can create pictures, drawings and blueprints.

In order to master them in addition to knowledge of programming necessary to own the device engineering graphics. The use of modern computer graphics tools on the basis of possible bases engineering graphics. Engineering Graphics – discipline required for training of technical specialties. It teaches methods of image and the general rules of drawing. For a specialist to address these issues is not an end in itself but a means to design, as well as the development and implementation of design documentation. In the study of computer graphics in the graphics system, "Compass" must learn to input and Output from the session of the program. Then learn how to open an existing document and create a new one. Further study should be the main interface elements "Compass" to get acquainted with the basics of graphics.

To learn how to construct drawings of details in two forms, you must learn the basic types of anchors and their use in specific situations. The basic techniques for building and editing of geometric objects, the use of auxiliary constructions to create more complex drawings of details. After examining the construction of chamfers and fillets, symmetry and truncated objects, hatching and dimensioning, you can create a working drawing in three parts projections. To apply this classic 2D technology and drawing on which the design is through projection – flat maps of the object (diagram Monge). Here, a graphics system "Compass" is role of e-Kuhlmann, automating graphic part. The knowledge gained on the construction drawings in the "Compass" apply when the course and degree projects.

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Facebook Data

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Social networks, with Facebook at the head, have revolutionized the way of understanding and using the Internet, thus generating new unknowns some of them with a difficult solution (in particular those related to the privacy and protection of data). Through this article raised some of these unknowns that we will try to respond, while the Spanish data protection agency provides us with its own recommendations: meant in fact no. 1: company a wall (X) creates a user of Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook users express their tastes, put your comments, photos, videos and can receive news about X as alerts or messages within the network itself. Turns X into the file manager? A company becomes responsible for a file when it decides the purpose, content and use of a file that contains personal data. Although X can decide on the purpose and use that will make the data of users of Facebook, the truth is that you don’t have decision-making capacity on the contents of the file, since that is subject to the limitations imposed by Facebook in its own network. Nor does it seem clear that wall of X can be considered an organized set of personal data that allows access to data according to certain criteria (which is the definition of file that provides the rules) therefore, and notwithstanding that AEPD opine differently in the near future, X will not be liable for data contained in Facebook while not removing the social network the personal data of users of the same.

In fact meant no. 2: Facebook Connect the plot thickens. In this case, Facebook and X want that data from their respective files are displayed in their own services online; i.e. If the user has a profile on Facebook, your name and photo appear on some own x (games, applications) online service and X user activity is published automatically (and provided that the user allows it) on his Facebook wall.

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Information Exchange In The Construction Industry

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You’re young and you want to have your own house? But you do not know where to start and who to contact? Especially for this was created an interesting and easy to manage site You can share your idea with other attendees site, ask them for advice, ask their opinion. We can not always find what we need in stores, online you can find something that interests you and even more, you can watch what’s new building materials. If you need help in building you will not regret it, that went to the site, here you will not only find a way to solve your problems, but still communicate with interesting people who will glad to help. If you decide to do construction or repairs on their own, thanks to the broadest base of information site you can choose the material that you need and will meet your taste. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of content management, you will not want to leave it. Moreover, the site you can ask for help in pre-sales repair of apartments, furnish office and industrial – a brand new project in runet created to share information in the construction industry, among users. – this innovative building technology! – a novelty in the field of building technology! – a constantly updated database of building information! – blog building trends and brands! – it instantly-updated bulletin board in the construction industry! – this is the best site for job seekers building solutions! – is to help in the construction of cottages, country houses, industrial facilities, warehouses and storage facilities, residential estates and shopping malls! – this is huge, the widest base building information! – is to help in the repair of apartments on European standard, pre-sales repair of apartments, furnish office and industrial buildings and structures! – is to help in the construction of a key! Ch

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Christian Bauer

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The most famous manufacturer of wedding rings in the world, the company Christian Bauer (Christian Bauer), was founded by Christian Bauer in 1880. This Jewelry House today is considered one of the top in Germany. The world leader in the production of wedding rings, the company does not produce anything except these precious symbols of conjugal love and fidelity. The workshops, located in the German city Veltsheym, employs about 500 people. All models of wedding rings specially designed to be very comfortable for prolonged wearing. Modern digital technology provides jewelers Christian Bauer the opportunity to achieve the maximum possible accuracy in the manufacture of – 1 / 100 millimeter. Gold and platinum are a multi-stage cleaning and are the most pure metals used in jewelry. At the bottom of each diamond is laser engraving can be found, indicating its weight in carats.

The rings are polished by hand. Rings Christian Bauer, usually made from one piece of gold or platinum, although one of the latest models consists of two parts – the gold and platinum. This makes it possible to engrave the name of a loved one and the wedding date on the joints. Once both parts are connected with each other – engraving is not visible. Stylish, sophisticated and modern design, which, however, does not violate traditional symbolic image of wedding rings, gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of these ornaments for many years. And the quality of performance and comfort in wear will not allow this pleasure will end sooner than you do this want.

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Freud Inquiry

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The psicanaltica theory of the psicopatologia is a theory of ' ' porqus' '. For Freud chistes, the temporary amnesias, the acts defective were extremely significant in the unconscious psychic constitution of the individual. In another way, the psychoanalysis also fought in the direction to reach the proper scientific severity of sciences positivista of the time, being considered the psychic phenomena under the light of natural sciences. To put the object of study of the psychoanalysis is of the order of the subjectivity and Freud as it detaches Fenichel (1981) the same placed this object in level of other objects of inquiry: ' ' Freud the same investigated the mental world with scientific spirit with that its masters had investigated the physical world, what he implied the same revolt against the taught rules until then. The subject is that it is irrational and not it method of psicanlise' '. (FENICHEL, 1981, p.2) Definition Technique of Psicopatologia Psicanaltica to understand the concept of psicanaltica psicopatologia, is necessary before, to understand each one of the separate areas, even so they is interdisciplinares. The dictionary Doron technician brings definition of psicopatologia, the following form:: …

As branch of psychology, the psicopatologia is based on the knowledge of the normal functioning to unfasten, to describe and to analyze these pathological behaviors. The referring theoreticians and the metodolgico context used to explain these abnormal behaviors are, therefore, varied, as they are the boardings that preside over the description of the normal functioning (DORON, 2001, P. 634) and on the psychoanalysis, says that: ' ' S. Freud of, regarding the psychoanalysis, a definition that, in the reality is trpice: specific procedure of inquiry of the formations of unconscious thought (latent content); therapeutical method of the riots neurotics; new disciplines of the field of psicologia' '. As inquiry procedure the psychoanalysis if characterizes for the methods of free associations …

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