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Catalog Virtual Products

cat May 2nd, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

The catalogues are tools that allow the detailed presentation of the products offered by an organization. These are very useful, because they become important advertising media and promotion for the sale of goods and/or services offered by the company.With the development of new technologies, catalogs were to be designed and published on the Internet through a Web site or distributed by any electronic means; Email still the most widely used for this purpose. Then the most important advantages of online catalogs will be displayed: 1. more effective uptake of customers: the possibility that the business to be found by potential customers increases when the catalogue is published on the Internet; Since it allows that this is seen by a lot of people who are interested in the goods and/or services that the company makes available to consumers. 2. Better organization of information: online catalogs allow you to classify and rank the information in a more effective manner; Since the navigation should guide the user to get looking for multiple ways of a fast and efficient way. 3. Greater space: digital catalogs allow you to include large amounts of information and expand it considerably in comparison with the limited space that is in a printed catalogue.

In this sense, you can add the features of products, its description, technical details, tips or recommendations on its use and maintenance, etc 4. Cost reduction: the virtual catalogs eliminated paper, printing and distribution costs; Unlike traditional catalogues. As well, they reduce spending on the design, the composition, production and shipping. Similarly, the ease of making changes saves resources; Since it is not necessary to print to perform catalog updates. 5. Time saving: if sent by E-mail or some other means electronic, distribution of the catalogue is made instantly. Equally, if it is published in internet users may consult the catalog at all times.

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Persuasive Speech

cat April 5th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

I would like to learn how to give a presentation influential, where you are admired not only hear your speech, but also end with the desire to do what you want? a T his is one of the outstanding characteristics of a leader. As I said in other articles, the idea of all talk, either in front of a packed auditorium of the public, either against a single person, is to get one of these three objectives: to inform, entertain or persuade and influence. The following article will focus on the third of these items: discourse as a way of generating that listeners are addressed in a concrete sense, to perform a specific action. The easiest way to accomplish this is appealing to listeners’ emotions rather than logic, so that will be inspired to achieve the various goals that are proposed. Using certain techniques, we can generate certain reactions in the brain of one who hears our speech. The steps you follow are: 1) Determine specifically objective which they pursue with your speech: eg to reduce administrative costs by 20% over the next six months.

The greater level of detail you can give your target the better. 2) Assemble a list of questions you will do to the audience, so that the responses they generate certain emotions. P. e. “Think how much benefit the company (and their pockets) cut costs by 20%? do you think you could do with that money? I earmark my beach holiday earlier this year.

” Choose four or five you think, depending on who will be there, be more effective. 3) Use the analytical techniques we see in me, to know how powerful an introduction. P. e. to identify you, or you consider an authority on the subject. 4) Add items to support your words from the right. Visit Class 5 of my my secret list of resources to quickly find all the information necessary to “embellish” your speech and give more punch the message. In this way, you can add even more elements that “force” people to do what you want. 5) Finally, write a closure that left everyone with the “need” to implement what you said. For this you can appeal to verbs with positive emotional content. You will see another 12 techniques for effective closings in my public speaking course. Become an influential speaker takes time and knowledge, but above all, practical. While you have a model, a concrete action plan (which I have outlined above but you can access a detailed analysis and many examples in my speech course) and you will have all the elements to begin. Sofia Conti is an amateur researcher Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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Virtual Organization Sales

cat April 4th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Therefore this feature applies fully to a consultative sales process employs the skills and talents of a group of professionals specialized, internal or external to the organization. In the implementation of projects is typical conformation of a project team, which is structured according to the objective of the project. A sales process, also the seller, as the Manager of this project, must select a project team, which is defined based on the characteristics of the sale and the prospect. Therefore, the concept of project team is fully applicable. An interesting concept applied in some methodologies called sales there are the creation of a Virtual Organization. This concept recommends that consultative seller should structure an organization composed by the staff of the company, leaflet and bodies external, if necessary, allowing him to comply with all activities requiring the entire sale process. Each of these activities must have a responsible of this virtual structure.

Then this concept of project management apply perfectly. The technical elements and practices many times are not that fails in the projects. Success or failure in the projects is due to people. Also in the processes of sales, much of the responsibility for success or failure in the sale is due to the work carried out by the people. It is unique. In general, a project is a unique activity which does not recur with regularity and not repeats in a way identical. This is fully applicable in consultative selling.

A process of sale of a good or service of high involvement in B2B environments is never exactly equal. All prospect is different, the needs are different and the way of dealing with a possible solution may be different. I have had the opportunity to make sales of information systems for different companies, but who develop the same economic activity and by consequent are similar in their needs.

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IDisk Different Methods

cat March 30th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

MobileMe is the service of Apple, available by subscription, for those users who want to have extra features on the Internet. One of the most useful benefits of MobileMe is iDisk, a virtual hard disk that you have hosted on the Internet. Its use is very simple: imagine an invisible USB memory, which you can use on any computer in the world with an Internet connection. There you can copy and retrieve the files you want at anytime and from anywhere. This small guide we will learn about the various methods you have to access this remote hard drive. is compatibility on any computer the most versatile method to access your iDisk from anywhere using the MobileMe website,

By entering your user name and password you will see the contents of your virtual hard disk, which is composed of several folders that you can delete or rename to your liking. This application looks exactly the same on all computers, since it’s a web page and the only thing you need to access it is an updated browser and Internet connection. But there is one small problem: is in English. Once on the web, you need to click the iDisk icon. You will have access to the folders of your virtual hard disk.

To perform operations such as upload and download files, delete, rename or create folders, you must use the buttons at the top of the application. iDisk on your desktop of Windows use the iDisk on your windows desktop is going to require to do a working overtime, especially because you have to install some updates in the case of XP. As soon you have to install this update. If you have Windows Vista, you must install this. Once you have installed the corresponding update, you can connect to iDisk from the desktop.

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Virtual Office

cat March 29th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Today a large number of entrepreneurs on the Internet use a virtual office for work, since they lack a physical space or enough money to pay workers. Therefore, they are worth various online tools as well as companies offering virtual offices services. However, what so advantageous is this rent a virtual office? Some of the benefits of having a virtual office are: savings, since you don’t have to pay for the rent of a virtual office. Comfort, that can handle the Affairs of your business from your home or from any location where you are. Flexible schedule.

Though traditional offices also can be applied, it makes more sense if you work from home, since you do not spend time in transport, for example. However, there are also some disadvantages: sensation of lack of communication. Although there are various tools to facilitate the conversation, there is nothing like the person-to-person conversation. Internet unit. It becomes impossible to work if there is no Internet.

Few work meetings. Sometimes it is necessary to have a room together and traditional training, but in the case of virtual offices it is somewhat difficult, since many of the entrepreneurs who rent a virtual office is because they want to save costs. In conclusion, a virtual office is a good choice, but has to evaluate the category of business to wield expectations that businessman willing to rent a virtual office can be reached in the short and long term.

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Mix Enginer

cat March 27th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

With the low prices of equipment and recording software, is not surprising that the number of musicians trying to make it big with a budget of do it yourself at this rise. Industry veterans atestiguaran an artist not only need to possess the talent and determination to succeed in the music business if not that their success depends on the team of professionals in the industry surrounding the artist. As more and more layoffs happen in the more large firms, these professionals become more accessible for independent musicians. Even when one can find freelancers online for almost any work these days, there are only a handful of engineers of mixtures. I found an extensive list of mixers offering services to clients, ranging from engineers winning Grammys, recording studios of full service, up engineers who work from home with studies for projects. The extensive list of options and budget, hire songs, EP, or albums to a dedicated mixing engineer rests more in the skill of the artist rather than in anything else. There are many benefits to the sub hiring these difficult tasks and get out of the mentality of the do it yourself. A mixing engineer probably has much better equipment, a fourth Treaty acoustically accurate Studio reference monitors and you can complete the tasks in a way much more efficient.

However, the contribution more important of an engineer of mixtures, are two ears on his head. It takes years of experience mastering the art of mixing music and a good engineer can make all the difference in the world with their creativity and skills to solve problems when it comes to audio. It is a common error of artists is to assume that the mastering engineer can fix a bad mixture. While they can drastically improve the final product, the mixing engineer has the final key to the result of the song. The process involves the band completing the process of recording in the Studio and by sending the session files an engineer of mixes via Internet.

The engineer opened the session in his own Studio, it makes your Magic and is in constant communication with the producer or band. The band requested changes, the mixer makes revisions and then or send files directly to the engineer mastering or back to the band first. The process is fast, convenient for all parties and may end up saving money to the artist. The appearance more tedious process is the upload or download large files of sessions, but this is becoming less and less an issue. Virtual Mix Enginer offers digital creation of music by artists from anywhere in the world. Offers a package of mix all inclusive very accessible that includes mix unlimited tracks, vocal refinement, replacement of battery, time correction, unlimited revisions and even mastering of special versions, all for a base rate of $72 per song. View more details and listen to examples of before and after on the web site. Each engineer mixer adds his own unique touch and sound to the project and two mixtures will never be equal. Important things to consider before embarking on his virtual mixing trip includes experience, price, cost of extras, your budget and confidence with the engineer. Takes a vote of confidence and you’ll be surprised to the value that an extra pair of ears be added to your music.

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Virtual Stores

cat March 27th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Democratization of the internet with open source. Virtual stores is very advisable to assemble a virtual store using an own accommodation because this will give you more flexibility to make modifications. The necessary software can be open source so it is free. Virtual stores software is free because it is open source. You can install you shop, but it to your measurement will require knowledge. It is interesting to pay a store design already made and upload it to the accommodation thinking that it is vary little design in the future. Design can leave from around 60 euros up to about 150 euros. There are many software to create your virtual store.

Some are:. OsCommerce: Is the most widely used software so far. Also because it is about which further developments have been made. So there is lots of information support. In addition, it has many contributions of program modules that allow you to add more functionality to your blog. Software it had become obsolete, but it now seems that it again with designs and more modern features. Magento: Offers the possibility of enjoying our online store with the latest developments and the possibility of managing our store with professional management, with statistics from sales, support and all kinds of payment and shipping methods. PrestShop: Has a clean, flexible, and optimized user interface for search engines.

Very good designs. VirtueMart: Is a plugin for the platform of Joomla, which is a content management system. It makes your website in Joomla, an online store. It has numerous plugins and everything that a store could need. It is said that some module fails and needs to be improved even. E-commerce plugin: is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to create a shop from the wordpress platform. It is fairly complete and flexible. All have their pros and cons. If I had to choose one, I would with the oscommerce software because it is that most worked because they have spoken many developers in its creation over a few years. The design can always be improved with a good template. The author takes time to compiling virtual stores for their clients. Provides its extensive experience to others so they can create virtual store with little effort. Before this information was reserved for a few, now that it is sold with virtual stores is much clearer.

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Virtual Private Server

cat March 26th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Let’s see what happens when a visitor (John in this case) asks a question by e-mail or subscribe by form: to receive consultation of Juan, they will receive in your mailbox the first message programmed for this purpose which could well be welcome. Will the next day, Juan automatically receive a second message with different information from the message of the previous day, the third day the next matching and so on until the end of the sequence of deliveries. Hosting: Web hosting (in English web hosting) is the service that provides Internet users a system for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server to its clients. (Source The web hosting is divided into six types: free, shared, reseller, virtual servers, dedicated and co-locacion servers. Free accommodation: free accommodation is extremely limited when you compare it with housing payment. These services generally add advertising on the sites and have a space and limited traffic. Shared hosting (shared hosting): in this type of service clients in several sites are hosted on a single server, thanks to the configuration of the web server program.

It is a very good alternative for small and medium-sized customers, is an economic service and has good performance. Image hosting: this type of hosting is offered to save your images on the internet, most of these services are free and the pages are worth advertising placed on your page to upload the image. Reseller hosting (reseller): this hosting service is designed for large users or people who sell the Hosting service to other people. These packages have lots of space and domains available for each account. Virtual servers (VPS, Virtual Private Server): through the use of a virtual machine, the company offers the control of a computer apparently not shared. So multiple domains can be managed easily and economically, in addition to choosing the programs that run on the server.

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AVI Converter Program

cat March 26th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

You don’t even know if you’ll edit your own movies. To me I love it but can you find it monotonous and You may not use the program anymore. Removes programs video converters which are not with you and leaves only a few (or at least one). Choose the best balance of features and ease of use that you can you can handle. This program is for you. A word of caution: some video converters do a poor job when it comes to synchronize video and audio.

Your movie can start looking good and also have good sound, but when you’ve linked to a significant number of elements, there will be a delay between the picture and sound. You must also make sure that the DVD that you generate works in a DVD player, not only on your computer. I have to mention a great freeware AVI Converter: download and use VirtualDubMod. It is a free editor that can cut films, clean sound, improve the image and convert to different formats. Is not the easiest to handle and you may have to look for some CODECs (encoder/decoder) to be able to edit the particular format that you’re driving, but it is very powerful.

And it’s free! You can even that you some features that doesn’t belong to your movie editing program. You warn for the last time so do not be timar. To me, me timaron since then while he thought he was being very cautious.

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Virtual Shops

cat March 24th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Marketers sell physical products does not have any difference with selling digital products. What if it differs, is that if we are going to have a virtual store, let’s try to be more possible niche. It is saying not a shop in which we let Walmart, where we can make market, cut hair or finally lunch at Mc Donalds. If we are to make a tent, we must do it in a specific category. This does not mean that we will not operate a shop style Amazon where you can buy various categories. But to achieve dominate a store of this magnitude, we have lots of money to put it to use. Otherwise it will end up offering in a few categories one hundred products, while in another, one or two. If we do not specialize, we will end up selling him everyone of everything and won’t finish doing absolutely nothing.

When it comes to a virtual store, there are some design elements that must be present and that they have been tested and generate much confidence and credibility. The first is to put a phone number, on the other hand found that placing the logos of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, generates trust. If in addition, we place a security certificate, you generate much more confidence and credibility. And if we actually answer the phone or we have a call center that clarify all doubts, we will succeed in having all the elements that help the success. If it is a store that sells many things is necessary to generate a multitude of gifts, but if it’s a store with a niche we can create only a digital report where talk about the ten top tips for using your bait during the summer in Florida. Or something like. Then, must take into account what our target audience wants, and the incentive that we are going to offer. The rest is like playing the riddles.

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