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I myself have encountered this repeatedly. Later I found out a month later that it was, I went back to the lesson, which did not receive and did it. Third, remember the name. Very often, the lessons there are screenshots of how to configure a particular slider or something like that thread. But there are lessons where screenshots show only complex effects settings.

Yes, many people think, ‘yeah I’m not going to do here is a screen of this option, the type is very simple, all guess’ and write a simple text, such as to raise the slider there is to tick there is something you put on so much that, etc. But the name still write these settings, so if you remember that where you are, you will be much easier in the future. Fourth, if you feel that you understand already, and you Much has been obtained from a simple, move on to more complex lessons. You will be easier, because you know the basics of navigation and location. Fifthly, believe in themselves and in their strength. I saw your ad in nete ‘Learn Photoshop in a week. ” The cost was about 10 000 rub.

I’ll tell you right away, it’s bullshit. Yes there may be something you and learn new, but you’ll come home and forget everything on the off. I assure you, a week nobody will be able to learn this program, it’s just not realistic. All as One can learn about this program, it is only a long practice, with increasing complexity of the lessons or izobretanie their own lessons, and to this I can tell you need months, even years. So spit in the face to those who you have plants on headstock. Well Sixth, even if you’re the best noob, then do not think that learning is not possible. It can be anyone. By the way I have many friends who ask me to show you how to do it, but as it is (it’s not about you guys and . I’m saying here is lessons, there are all described in detail. Almost all say I like it when you give me all figured out, like I do everything quickly Stobo. Of course quickly when I am behind you all about myself doing, I say to click on to that place. And they say in response, such as the lessons do not understand nifiga I tried did not work. Nonsense laziness that’s all. And with such a desire does not go far. In general lastly tell you that everything possible be done. The main thing is: patience, desire, free time, belief in their strength and desire to achieve excellent results, and of course he needed Photoshop. At that my article is finished.

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