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cat September 4th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Today I bring you 7 keys to find more time to write and to public content quality, know that the blog is our nerve centre, therefore visitors who arrive must be given the best milk with cookies so that they are and return to visit us. We offer quality content, that is becoming increasingly more competition and therefore more effort to highlight, so we’re going with these tips 1. Obviously spend time preferably with calm, centered with time and zero distractions. I advise to put on the agenda of working a schedule specific therefore conform to and comply with it. 2 Write in batches, plan your editing schedule beforehand most blog software like WordPress allows you to write articles in advance and set the date and the time of its publication, and so allow your articles to be more visible in the peak hours.

Writing in batches allows you to enter in a continuous stream and is the process of writing more fluidly than if you try change of tasks between your main job and the task of To write. 3 Write down the ideas that arise you when the brain relaxes or you think otherwise, it is when some of your best ideas come to you, so make sure you keep those ideas in a book, on the phone, or paper napkins! A very useful tool for WordPress, is that you can use e-mail to send a draft of an entry on his blog for later use. 4 Reuse content reuse can reuse the contents of your old entries in a different way, giving them a new look, or you could expand an article on a presentation. You can even create articles of presentations that you have or seminars that you’ve given on the internet. Perhaps you have a transcript that you can copy and paste as a starting point, you could use a section of a report or eBook, emails to customers, etc. The existing content is an asset to be reused if you are creative. 5 Answers to questions taking the last point before many networkers, the questions that makes your audience is one of your best sources of content. If you choose well the topic can have a post with a topical information and very relevant.

6 Have a system search for good headlines, think without stop, turn off the internal editor until you have a first draft. People is write down everything at once and hangs, first creating, then edit. Do not want to create and edit first creates a draft in a text editor and then published. 7 If you lack material searches, internet is an ocean of information, researches, lee, follows the big i takes your ideas and thoughts to refine them and to translate them in your articles. I hope that these tips will be useful greets you your friend and colleague Martin Bezares original author and source of the article

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