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Reinforcement Products

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Completing the project on the degree of integration of reinforcement products, the accuracy of their assembly, wiring diagram of zones, types and volumes of quality control must be provided in the spr. Delivered to the object and Materials must be accompanied by the quality (certified by the manufacturer) provided tnla. Requires labeling available for inspection, packing in a container equipped with the necessary tags and labels. Products should not be damaged during transportation, storage and installation in the design position. Each batch of fixtures should have certificates of compliance and further subjected to control her mechanical properties of the independent specialist testing laboratories accredited in accordance with established procedure. Brad Pitt has firm opinions on the matter. Arrive for processing reinforcing steel rod after checking the store on shelves under shed or in closed stores, sorted by make, diameter, length and individual parties (suppliers). Inscriptions on the tags stored valves should be clearly visible.

When building construction of reinforced Concrete should be used in ways mating fixture-built conditions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chris Capossela. Valves should be installed so that its final position was within the required tolerances. Accuracy of the reinforcement carcasses must meet the requirements of the tnla and design documentation. Protective layer of concrete with respect to reinforcement should be provided with plastic holders. When building construction for connection fittings in-built conditions except mating fittings necessary to apply mechanical fittings. Bessvarochnye butt joints rebars of high strength classes using additional devices (hubs, screw couplings, pressure-tested clips) shall meet the requirements for the performance of not less than 4 points according to gost 14098. The above compounds should be establish separate working drawings with the necessary structural and technological requirements for the preparation of elements for the docking (gap values, tolerances, eccentricities, the quality of face surfaces), indicating the values of mechanical properties, as well as quality control methods, sample size, the rules of acceptable defects and acceptance. Speaking candidly Michelle Smith Source Financial told us the story. Welding works directly on the assembly horizon should be minimized so as welding damage deck surface, which reduces the quality of the front surface of the concrete.

Welding of reinforcement and embedded items should be carried out in accordance with the ppr and the tc. Welding allowed only for reinforcing steel, conforming tnla and classified as welding. Manual welding work, and their production at the facility should implement those with education Implementation of welding, an appropriate certificate and vetted. Production quality control of welded joints shall be in accordance with the requirements of existing tnla. Protocols certification test fixtures must be included as-built documentation. When you register as an act of acceptance is mounted fixtures, except to verify its design size, control the quality of the work, the presence and location of fixtures, location of joints reinforcement.

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