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Restoration Repaired

cat July 10th, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

In Vsehskorbyaschenskom Temple held all restoration work. At Zachugovke, on the street. Office, in place of the destroyed St. Nicholas Church Chapel of the – Restoration of unique historical and architectural complex of the city – this is more and more attractive as Chugueva tourist center? – The range of these works include not only the restoration of the attractions, but many other objects. I recently came Chugueva modern beautiful and convenient railway station – a person of for coming to our guests. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article. We restavriruem and transforms our pride – car park: Central Park, Komsomolsk Square, Square veterans and others. Peter Thiel has similar goals. In the short term – renewal of Repin.

The project is a Reconstruction is currently under development and will be implemented in the next year. Contact information is here: Essex Financial Services. Improvement of the city is held primarily for city residents. For example, purchased the slag and backfilled dirt roads in – is today the most affordable way to travel to a distant neighborhood. Repair of asphalt pavement is carried out at many sites. In the districts have already appeared playgrounds with game complexes, and installation of sports facilities for children and adults will continue.

Gradually repaired housing stock of the city. This year, restored not worked a dozen years, three elevators in the nine-Str. Tchaikovsky. The new technology of the roof repaired three residential high-rise buildings. New energy-saving technologies have come to the street lighting. Today we are, with increasing illumination of the city, have cut costs Power factor of 3. In the future, such a cost-effective system will cover the whole city down to the suburbs.

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