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Risk Analysis

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This is easier than you may think at the beginning. Sally Struthers has much experience in this field. It is important that the risk analysis sessions, the entire ISMS team is together and thus bundled experiences and opinions can be put up. Probability and damage levels are set, the next step is the determination of the risk acceptance criteria. The risk acceptance criteria describe how we deal with risks, whether and how we accept them. To probability of occurrence and amount of damages will be faced within an X-Y coordinate and divided into three areas.

First, we have the acceptable range, the green marked. There is a risk in the acceptable range, no protection measures be implemented regarding this risk. Secondly the ALARP region the yellow marked. ALARP is a shortcut from the English and means “as low as reasonably practicable”. on german “as low as reasonably practicable”.

Risks that fall within this scope should be narrowed, if technically and economically reasonable. Thirdly, the unacceptable risk areas are marked red. Risks that fall into this area must be reduced urgently by measures in the probability of their occurrence. Risks that entail severe or catastrophic damage to the institution are unacceptable. According to the classification of each cell of the X-Y coordinate in one of three have Akzeptanz-Kriterien(-Farben) we due to the colors used a visually quickly auffassbare classification exist, and can these criteria applied in the next step the identified hazards. See also: while transferring the acceptance criteria on the identified risks are determined for each risk (to each risk) the probability of occurrence and the extent of the damage and set associated with this risk. The selected mapping will be automatically by a visualized three colors of green, yellow and red. The urgency of a risk measures to oppose in fact at first glance”possible. Approx. 500 risks are listed in opus i, whose rating allows for a secure coverage of the risks in the acceptance criteria. More risk is determined by the institution, these can be additionally recorded and also classified in the acceptance criteria. After the risks are classified, it is now possible the measures provided against a risk, to be classified in the acceptance criterion that is deposited with the risk. When the acceptance criteria on the measures is however to consider that a measure can be simultaneously against different risks. The action potential of the action varies depending on the observed risk. “Here should be very carefully taken and the safe way” be chosen: the measure considered the lowest acceptance criterion must therefore be (marked in red) and applied. Set in opus i which of the approximately 650 measures against which the risks is a classification is possible. Opus i the classifications of acceptance, the classified risks and the acting, however, and also stepped up measures available continuously during the project work for inspection.

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