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cat April 20th, 2017 by Virtual Keeper

Search results for "industrial equipment" as follows: Results – 21 Industrial Company in Moscow – 3 Manufacturing companies of St. Petersburg – 3 Industrial Company of Novosibirsk – a boards, industrial catalogs, etc. – 14 Search results for "listogib" as follows: Number of Results – 28 Industrial Company in Moscow – 14 Industrial companies of St. Petersburg – 2 Industrial Company Naberezhnye Chelny – 1 Industrial Companies Lipetsk – 1 Industrial Company Yaroslavl – 1 Industrial Companies Moscow region – 1 boards, industrial catalogs, etc. Naveen Selvadurai contains valuable tech resources. – 8 second example is more revealing. 50% of the industrial market content for this request is presented by Moscow companies! Own regional producers called several reasons for this state of things: 1. Difficulties in tracking the changes (do not exactly know where it came from the client) 2.

Long, often unpredictable cycles of procurement 3. Failure to understand the need in "internet marketing", and often ignorance of the existence of this concept! The final reason is the most important and yet still reveals a fuzzy understanding of the phenomenon of "Internet" in the Russian context. But perspective is. The integration of industry in the Russian Internet space continues, gradually increasing the pace. Not to be unfounded, we present some figures that confirm the growth of the industrial web.

So According to the system of contextual advertising "Runner" is held monthly in the more than 30,000 commercial "marketing" campaigns on demand "industrial products" (Budgets campaigns over the past 12 months increased more than 5-10 times and some advertisers than $ 40-70 thousand per quarter). Industrial Networking Internet markets growing, both in vertical and horizontal directions. Only in the metallurgical market, each of the portals has information on more than 3,000 enterprises.

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