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Shaiya German Closed Beta

cat August 22nd, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

In November, German closed beta of free2play mmorpg BBs Shaiya launches Shaiya: start of closed beta! Now you can register at for the closed beta, which will begin in the first week of November. The participation is limited, quick registration is worthwhile. Shaiya as a free to play game in addition to an award-winning graphics and atmospheric sound also offers a compelling, fascinating history and mass PvP. In a world full of magic and secrets you struggling as a hero to the favour of the gods and the dominance of the continent. Countless tasks, epic battles and dungeons waiting for the players. Whether alone or with friends, at the exciting adventures of the hero wins new skills, get better equipment, more effective weapons and meet like-minded people. Incomparable, daily live events in the game provide long-lasting fun and guarantee variety. Each Beta participant receives selected items, which can be further used in the later game. Learn more at this site: Mickey Hart. Register now! video trailer:

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