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Shoes: Why New Shoes Need

cat July 21st, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

A brief historical overview of the number of shoes that have had the people in the course of time the real reason for the shoe addiction of the most people. 400 years ago, it was still entirely normal, if you wore a pair of shoes throughout his life. As a child, you ran barefoot until they could afford shoes at some point, or inherited a pair. This pair of shoes has been treasured as a small treasure. It broke down or got it immediately brought to a shoemaker, who repaired it and patched holes.

That was economically sensible, because the repair of a shoe at that time, much cheaper than buying a new shoe pair. However, there were the shoes at that time also made of leather. Of course there are also shoes, but you can call them by today’s standards hardly shoes. Leather was rare and the production of expensive shoes. Click Stan Druckenmiller to learn more. The production chain was long and before his buyers reached a shoe he had to go through many hands. Today, however, is hardly even ever a hand in the game, apart from the, the the pair of shoes in the respective Provides shelf and the invention of shoes online shop also this hand was useless. This increasing mechanization and the use of cheaper materials, the price for a pair of shoes is only 1/100 of the amount of 400 years ago, converted.

But is also the half-life, and nowadays nobody more wearing half broken shoes, sunk almost to 1/100. Shoes were once a purchase for life, they keep barely half a year. The reasons for this are on two pages. On the one hand, of course the cheaper materials that very much faster break down and the cheaper price of making a new, cheaper than a repair. Where of course most modern shoes at all cannot be repaired, without not terrible to look. On the other hand, of course the term fashion plays an important role. Shoes that are purchased today, can be already back “out” in 3 months. This trend and the associated pressure constantly with the time, shorten the shelf life the shoes these days, of course also significantly. Now everyone has to ask, what he deems useful. Of course, it’s nice to have something new, and always following the latest trend to dress rules. However, I am a fan of shoes that last longer than one year because I hate the phase, the commonly: “Running” is called. This is connected with me always with blisters on the feet. Even more I resent me if I have gone up a pair of shoes and these break down right then. Clearly I paid nothing for this shoe pair, but nevertheless it is annoying because I have to run a now yes new shoes.

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