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Software Development Compliance

cat April 27th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

Open source compliance is feasible! The partnership of the Karlsruhe technology consulting with Black Duck opens up the customer the maximum power of open source. The combination of a unique collection of data with intelligent software of the market leader of Black Duck is the optimal basis to ensure enterprise-wide compliance and governance in the software development process. Without the support of tools and processes, the search for the right code components is difficult and it is almost impossible to keep track the license diversity and to make the right choice. This complicates the question of not only after the Endlizensierung, but also legal risks. At this point, the black uses duck software suite. Based on the Black Duck KnowledgeBase, the world’s most comprehensive database in terms of open-source components and exploit lizenzrechtlicher. This enables the automatic search and analysis of code snippet -, file – and component-level.

While it draws from a pool of over 800,000 individual projects from more than 5,500 Source pages and 2,200 licenses. The KnowledgeBase is continuously updated and learn”with each new project to keep up-to-date them constantly. This helps the integrated Black Duck code Sight, which assists developers in finding the appropriate components. The open-source management assessment (OSMA) it tracks licensing vulnerabilities within existing projects and helps optimally FOSS instead to take legal or security risks so that a continuous software development compliance is guaranteed. With the Karlsruhe technology consulting, Black Duck now has a powerful partner in Germany.

As consultancy with our own software development, the Karlsruhe technology consulting has the necessary understanding of the development and licensing knowledge related to provide customers with honest value. Realize your open-source compliance with the Karlsruhe technology consulting and Black Duck. About Black Duck Black Duck Software is a provider of high-performance software solutions for the management of open source and third-party source code within the framework of the corresponding license obligations. With black duck, you can shorten your time-to-solution, reduce your development costs, and at the same time the challenges of management, compliance and security of free and open-source-based software. the Karlsruhe technology consulting is the management and technology consulting specializing in the analysis and optimisation of business processes and their integration into the IT infrastructure. The KTC helps organisations to improve their performance and to realize important competitive advantages. From consulting and conception through to implementation, we offer you everything from a single source and accompany as a reliable partner on your individual way.

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