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Specialized Committee

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– Reconzcase to the rounds democratic and independent pacific farmers, whose members properly are credited before the competent authority political, like organizations destined to the service of the community and which they contribute to the development and social La Paz, without in favor political aims. They have in addition like objectives, the defense of its earth, taken care of of its cattle and other goods, cooperating with the authorities in the elimination of any crime. Their statute and regulation are in force by the norms of the communities farmers who settle down the Constitution and the Civil.&quot Code; The Regulation of the first Law of Rounds Farmers emitted en1988. In 1993 the referred Regulation was lapsed by an administrative norm of the sector defense. Through the General Law of Communities Farmers of 1987 (Law N 24656) and in its first Regulation of 1991, it was regulated constitution and legal nature of Rondas Farmers, organized to the interior of the communities farmers, when establishing like attribution of the Communal Assembly to approve its birth and to indicate its nature of Specialized Committee of consultative, advisory, executive character and of support of the community, employee of the Communal Directive of the communities farmers. e) The rounds farmers and the committees of self-defense As of 1991, within the framework of the strategy against rebel of the State, the Legislative Decree N 741 was sent to regulate the relations of the Committees of Self-defense, being understood them as a strategic support in the fight against the subversion in the field, and the institutions of the system of national defense. Also, one was clear Rondas Farmers, located within the territorial scope of the zones in emergency situation, the possibility of acquiring and of using arms to support to the forces of security in the situation of armed conflict internal, as well as to become voluntarily and transitorily Committees of Self-defense, under authorization and the control of the military administrations. .

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