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Assessing Kids

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Your task is not simply drown out conflicts and make a child will rest, but to help him through this difficult period. It is necessary to have patience, because the child takes over all the rules of your behavior. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And if you do not be able to control his emotions, then it is no wonder how in your little treasure so much negativity and rudeness. Child has your character can not be true, but may be? So stand firm. If we are told that no buy this machine today, you stand to the end, you should give up once, next time you're gonna be worse. It is very important from that moment to treat the child not as a small, but as his friend, ask him for advice, listen to his opinion, give the "adult" gifts (eg, ball pen), to call for him, write letters to him exclusively. It is not necessary nasedat child and make him do something. Well, the kid does not want to eat, not force a sit down to feed a teddy bear, most likely the child himself quietly podsyadet and join the feast.

It is important that all family members have adopted a strategy of education. The baby is very thin feels weak spots each. Adults should support each other and do not let him do what he has just banned another adult. If you do not agree with the decision of one of you, do not express your dissatisfaction with the child, do it quietly to one side, and next time do things differently. Play with your child in a role-playing games. Plays with real-life situations (going to the store, visit, driving), not forgetting that this model will carry the baby game and in real life, so playing, tell me how to behave in a particular situation. Rebuild your relationship with your child. If you do not start treating him differently, then the crisis could be delayed, the child will be difficult and intractable.

Extend the rights and opportunities. The child often repeats the behavior of adults, especially parents. Behave with dignity, hold back, do not give out your negative emotions. Emphasize your child that he was an adult and behave with them as well. Do not try to temper tantrums during a child to tell him how he is behaving badly, you still will not hear. Take him away, distract with something and let him calm down time, then calm tone, explain what you do next. In any case not frustrated by the baby. Treat your child with love, says each of his "no" or explain why it is necessary to do so and not otherwise. Encourage any positive behavior. The crisis of three years – a natural phase of restructuring of the mental life of the child. Kid strive for self-realization, to become sensitive to the assessment of their associates, he formed a sense of self-esteem. Child learn to be in society, to communicate with people. And our job as adults to help him adapt to the situation. Most importantly – remember that your child is worthy of your love, whatever it was not. All about the crisis of three years and more, you can find on the family site

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Christian Bauer

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The most famous manufacturer of wedding rings in the world, the company Christian Bauer (Christian Bauer), was founded by Christian Bauer in 1880. This Jewelry House today is considered one of the top in Germany. The world leader in the production of wedding rings, the company does not produce anything except these precious symbols of conjugal love and fidelity. The workshops, located in the German city Veltsheym, employs about 500 people. All models of wedding rings specially designed to be very comfortable for prolonged wearing. Modern digital technology provides jewelers Christian Bauer the opportunity to achieve the maximum possible accuracy in the manufacture of – 1 / 100 millimeter. Gold and platinum are a multi-stage cleaning and are the most pure metals used in jewelry. At the bottom of each diamond is laser engraving can be found, indicating its weight in carats.

The rings are polished by hand. Rings Christian Bauer, usually made from one piece of gold or platinum, although one of the latest models consists of two parts – the gold and platinum. This makes it possible to engrave the name of a loved one and the wedding date on the joints. Once both parts are connected with each other – engraving is not visible. Stylish, sophisticated and modern design, which, however, does not violate traditional symbolic image of wedding rings, gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of these ornaments for many years. And the quality of performance and comfort in wear will not allow this pleasure will end sooner than you do this want.

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