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Lose Weight Fast

cat December 27th, 2013 by Virtual Keeper

Many people know that in order to look good, you need to live a healthy lifestyle, constantly to be in the gym, stick to your diet. Can it not many. But when the approaching holiday or a party, then any girl here tries to present itself only in the best possible way. Judging by opinion polls, most of the ladies of the external defects are concerned, as Typically, its fullness. To combat it is possible – there are many different fitness programs and diets that aim to reduce weight. But what to do if, before the celebration was just one day? But not upset! To support all those who ended up in such a difficult situation, now come with their celebrity priceless advice on how to lose weight in one day and by evening be in focus at any party. Well-known singer Mariah Carrey advises the day before the celebration can be made flat your stomach, if you reduce the liquid content in the body.

To do this, or just drink less fluid, or over the counter special products based on seaweed and salts, which subtracts the contents of the fluid in the body. But the next day, it's better not to use much salt, sugar and water, as this may adversely affect the your health. Bridget Jones advised poddevat tight elastic shorts covering, which can be bought at a drugstore or sporting goods stores. This is Bridget taught by her grandmother. 'Good elastic shorts without dieting and harm to health will make you slimmer '- says Jones. Victoria Beckham offers in such cases, use the tan. It should be a thin layer of bronzer on the areas that you want to hide. If everything is correct do this, then formed the impression that you were not fat, muscle.

But that does not make matters worse, Victoria recommends to go to a special room, where your task will be engaged professionals. Make-up artists of many show-business stars believe that most of the shortcomings of your body can adjust with makeup. Strengthening the expressive eyes, cheeks and lips, you can create the illusion of a refined person. If all is done, the views of many will be directed not at your body and face. Also, watch your posture. There is nothing complicated and new, but the correct posture will be higher at 2-3 cm, and therefore thinner. Stylists are advised to keep your head exactly freely over her shoulders straightened. Chin needed a little lift. The only challenge is to maintain the correct posture to develop a habit.

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