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Workmanship Techniques

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The Alfabetizao stops beyond techniques: Possibilities in the reading and writing in a dialogue with the workmanship ' ' Reflections on alfabetizao' ' , of Emlia Blacksmith. Vnia Roseane Mayan Pascoal 1 Emlia Blacksmith developed the Theory of the Psicognese, where inhaled in Piaget, it dislocated the focus of the alfabetizao process. If before the concern was ' ' as ensinar' ' , Emlia if worried in investigating ' ' As the children aprendem' ' , providing to reflections and a new to look at on this process that produces as many quarrels and concerns in the educational way. Adroll Marketing Platform shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Through the studies of the author it is possible that let us rethink some concepts, between them our agreement on the citizen that learns; As if of this learning; Our paper while educator educator; The paper of the school and other surrounding influenciadores, as the community, church, environments of leisure, family, among others, beyond what we are leading in consideration in the construction of knowing of the educandos and educandas to them. The alfabetizao process, as Blacksmith starts very before the pertaining to school life and therefore he does not have to be ignored. The child, for example, not ' ' she asks for permisso' ' to learn, it is in discovered constants they make and them in the practical one, trying and acting on the world that the fence. For even more details, read what Brad Pitt says on the issue. Thus, since that it is born is inserted in the universe of the letters, resulted of the contact with diverse environments that are enjoyed to it very before the arrival in the classroom. Of this form, then, it is incoherent to find that we withhold ' ' formula of alfabetizao' ' , as if through one technique very ' ' bem' ' applied, ' ' depositssemos' ' all the knowledge in the mind of our pupils, considering them as ' ' blank sheets of paper ' ' , ready to be ' ' preenchidos' ' with our thoughts and ' ' verdades' ' , ignoring, thus, the being that thinks, produces, constroi and reconstroi knowledge. .

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7. Recommendation As a pertinent recommendation, is needed deepened studies more on the subject of the current research, as well as effecting the survey of the essential characteristics that they must be part of the strategy of sustainable consumption. This if would give, in accordance with the commentaries found in the Manual of Education of 1999, with the insertion of a style of sustainable life in a balanced society, as a contribution for our capacity of improvement, while individual and society. Such process requires justice in the access to the natural, economic and social capital for the gifts and the future generations. Thus, the material consumption must become each less important time in relation other components of the happiness and the quality of life. In this way, this must be consistent with the conservation and the improvement of the natural environment, causing a process of learning, creativity, adaptation and ambient education, as the main tool for construction of the ambient citizen who knows its rights and duties in relation to the preserved environment..

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Royce Gracie

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The presentations of Royce Gracie are a good example, where it and the adversary most of the time leave clean, without no scratch, let us see the case where he faced the gigantic Dan Severn he made and it to give up only with a strangulation, not leaving an only trauma. This situation does not exist in the MMA, its athletes has the immobilized hands with bands and gloves, thus, beyond protected of injuries, also becomes in a powerful weapon, a time that favors the power of ' ' punch' ' , this contributes to take advantage the aggressive game of Trocao and Ground and Pound, in damage of traditional way of the soft arts. One is about a commercial event that lives of profit, therefore, the necessary MMA of advertising and for this needs to present emotive fights, with intense movement and aggressive plasticity, full of joelhadas, caneladas, kicks and cotoveladas in the face, beyond socos, that is, the fights are true commercial products of the violence. This is not part of the characteristics of the JJB, that is an art whose strategy is based on the cadence (the technique of the JJB not if manifest in an only explosive action, but in a coordination of mediate actions and low intensity), ininterruptividade (one JJB fight does not allow to be interrupted and to be restarted of the zero, therefore it consists of the work of progression of the positions) and sense of chance (the technique possesss a time certain to be applied, being necessary to wait its moment). Moreover, the actions developed in the JJB are little pleasant aesthetic (to see two marmanjos of pyjamas-kimono grasping themselves she is very flat) and of low visual perception (it is a kinaesthetic art, as much that a deficient appearance practises the JJB best that many people endowed with vision), what it demands certain level of maturity technique to understand the dynamics of its fight, profile this that is not present in the general public of the MMA, formed for laypeople, whose expectation is only the emotion of the entertainment. Check out Peter Thiel for additional information. .

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It is what it characterizes the popular culture: the learning obeys a system of traditions and customs. In this direction, it is interesting to think as the popular culture, through its more diverse references, can show to the Education, or to other sciences, that the predisposition to the learning becomes more detached the more significant will be the study object. To the educators who work with the small children, de0 a6 years, valley to retake, to consolidate this relation with the popular culture, the principle whom playing characterizes as activity where if it estimates a propitious relation to the process of integral development: partner-affective-intellect-emotional. In the practical one, she is necessary to be intent to the possibilities of redimensionamento of the strategies and the materials that we have by hand for the planning of activities that come to contribute, effectively, with this operacionalizao. Under this optics, Playing To fold Paper between Cantigas and Contos is an activity, but it could well be thought as a system: from the choice of pertinent a practical instrument the tricks (in the case, the paper and the possibilities of its transformation for the process to fold it), are developed flowing of infantile discoveries and/or retaken of cantigas and the verbal narratives.

Remembering that already a popular song exists very (' ' &#039 was a funny house very; '), the educator can lead the initial trick exactly to strengthen what he has of funny in this house does not have soil, does not have window etc. -, with the intention to become livings creature the verses of music. If the song not to appear spontaneously, nothing hinders to present it the group, teaching to it what it says the letter. To illustrate the possibilities of this activity, let us think about a simple model of folding, that all must know the house. It is a sufficiently classic figure.

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Industry Workers

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The work is a consisting concept in accordance with the historical evolution of the society and that it represents ahead different sensible of the workers; thus in accordance with available literature, ahead of the constant changes in the organizacional context the maintenance of high levels of organizacional support would increase the levels of satisfaction, health and welfare of the worker, lined up to the organizacionais objectives. Thus, the accomplishment of a descriptive quantitative research with strategy of field research proceeded to the present study, of exploratria nature and descriptive, as a data-collection delineated study e, thus, the research had as objective generality to verify the perception of the social and organizacional support of the workers in an industry of clothes of small transport in the city of Itumbiara-GO. For this, a study with thirty was carried through and five (35) diligent ones of this industry, of both the sexos, where the demographic data had been harvested excessively partner of the sample, later had been applied the scales (EPSO) Escala de Percepo de Suporte Organizacional (EPSST) Escala de Percepo de Social Suporte in the Work, in order to identify if the worker perceives offers of the three levels of emotional, instrumental or material and informacional social support – in the work environment; to verify the extension where the company if worries about the promotion of the health and welfare of the worker and to consider action for improvement of the levels of support in the organization. Levels had been identified that indicate doubts how much to the perception of support offered for the company, being identified a general average of (4,61) in the results of the EPSO what it indicates doubt of the workers how much to the concern of the company with its welfare, while the averages of the three described levels of support for the EPSST demonstrate that: the emotional sphere got the average minor (2,34), after that the informacional support presents average of (2,54) and finally the material or instrumental component got average of (2,65), in this manner the results indicate doubt of the citizens how much when surrounded being of people who if worry about it, and also how much to the trustworthiness of the repassed information, as well as of internal politics and of the supervisors; finally they indicate doubts on the perception of compatible remuneration with its efforts. Of this form, the elaboration of action for improvement next to the managers was indicated, in order to line up the welfare of the worker to the organizational objectives.

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