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Technology IsoTrack

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Life Fitness – a leading manufacturer of cardio equipment. We, the creators of the first fitness-training simulators, computer-controlled, succeeded by the desire to innovate and constantly improve the quality of our products. Without hesitation Alchemy explained all about the problem. The result of our work was a series of reliable high quality simulators designed for any age and any level of training. You can rest assured – all products are Life Fitness has been designed and manufactured taking into account wishes of consumers. Read additional details here: LBS Market. We have always been ahead of the competition: in particular, we are responsible for such innovations as: LifePulse – fully digital transmission system the signal pulse (100% protection from interference, high precision) from the sensors on the handles you can choose the most appropriate equipment profile of your club – be it a small gym or an elite fitness center designed for high throughput. Treadmills Life Fitness: FlexDeck – system system for automatic service diagnostics SmartStop-system 'smart' stop running belt LifeSprings – shock running belt (unique in the industry, with a lifetime warranty), exercise bikes, cross trainers and steppers Life Technology IsoTrack (LEVEL OF OPERATING only) – a system independent of the drive belt requires no maintenance.

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