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The Door

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Now the pros and cons of MDF doors: Pros: Affordable price category. Highly resistant to fungi and microorganisms. Lightweight design provides a low loading door on the hinges, which eliminates sagging doors during operation. To install the sliding Doors can be used budgetary mechanisms and accessories. Cloth retains its geometry, regardless of the weather and time of year for an extended period of time.

Disadvantages: The mechanical strength is lower than that of wood doors (MDF doors with honeycomb made of corrugated cardboard) are not used as entry doors. Design MDF doors limits the types of models: different versions of glazing with glazing beads. Because all doors resemble like brothers – twins. MDF doors of the factory production can only be installed in standard apertures and the width and height. (Trim the door to insert it into the lower opening is practically impossible) Category doors array. Massive doors – made of wood.

Doors from the array, for the most part, are made of softwood (in Belarus for these purposes is used unnecessarily pine grows in our forests and the most cheap). There are more valuable and expensive types of wood – oak, alder and others. In the production of wood doors is a serious treatment in the drying chambers, which stabilizes the internal moisture of wood. The doors of the array are divided into two categories: Teams and panels (framed). Prefabricated interior doors are made by gluing sticks of wood into small fragments, these fragments are then collected in a fabric with using cable ties. Flush interior doors are made by gluing sticks of wood in the whole a dull blade, and then milled on the canvas drawing. Covering an array of doors – toning, veneering, painting. Advantages of the door from the array: high mechanical strength of large models and natural texture of the wood can be installed in standard doorways, as well as made to order. Glass in the door you can choose your own taste. (MDF doors are generally sold with factory glass) are easy to restoration of life over 20 years. Each door – individually and 2 identical doors do not exist. Disadvantages of blade slightly change the geometry, depending on the weather and time of year and conditions. The requirement for quality furniture – higher than for MDF doors. To prevent sagging of the door and reduce the load on the loop advised not to leave the door wide open for long. Significantly lower acoustic and thermal insulation compared to the MDF. Higher price. In this article, you learned about the structures door panels, with their advantages and disabilities. In the future, this series introduces you to the types of paint and varnish covering doors, door hardware, technology, measurement of doorways and some tricks to install.

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