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The Material

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I insist! (Christ) the Man must be happy obtains same. To have Peace of Spirit and Conscience. Following the advice of my Father, all the problems of the Society will be decided. Melissa Selcher will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Of the Peace Spiritual, the Man can, as consequence, to obtain the material wealth. They do not remember J? Fidiciary office the God, exactly under the pressure and maledicncias of the Satan, resisted the temptation. It found its happiness in its spirit. My Father, recognizing the inabalvel faith of J presenteou, it with unimaginable material wealth.

The Material can until bringing happiness. But the Fullness alone is reached by the Spirit. (Gates) For all the other things, exist the card Microsoft Mster Card. (Scrates) You say then that the problem of the current Society is extreme materialism? (Christ) You said exactly it. (Gates) I disagree! They always play the responsibility in the supplied ones. He is propitious of the religion.

Still well that I am Calvinista. (Scrates) Calvin? (Oracle of Delfos) Calvin, that one that nailed to the avarice and accumulation of Capital as half of if pleasing the Zeus and conquering the Celestial Blessing for the Paradise. Centuries later, philosophy deturpada for the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. (Scrates) However, Oracle. Then, he was not the proper Man who if autodirigiu to this purpose? It is not primordial necessity of the Man, Ter? (Christ) Only for the blind person to the Celestial Truth. (Adam Smith) Let us be realistic: the material happiness is much more tangible, using one pleonasmo vicious, of what the spiritual. Soon, in the urgent necessity of being happy, it is entendvel that the Man prioritizes this in reason of that one. It understands this, Son of God! Our time is short, in contrast of Its. (Scrates) and the Power of the State does not represent, currently, exactly Apex of this philosophy? I mention the Capitalism, or error to it when saying it? (Adam Smith) Capitalismo Saint! (Gates) Amen! (Churchill) He is relative.

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