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The Registration

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Make sure that the registration But if you do not can do without registering, make it fast and very simple, such that the user would spend a minimum of your time on this process. Here are some tips aligned, allowing streamline the registration process and, thus, to take care of your users. The basic essence of all advice boils down to what you should give your users a choice, not force them to take place in mandatory registration: 1.Na registration page be sure to include what Advantages will have a user when he registers. This will be an additional incentive. 2.Minimiziruyte number of fields, binding . Additional information at financial technology supports this article. You can make a form with a few dozen questions, but be sure to make 5.2 issues. Most users do not like it when they commit to do something and even more so, to provide additional information.

However, on their own, without feeling the pressure from outside, they can fill out all fields. 3.Obyazatelnye field should have an easy entry. If you have created such a field, it should be radio buttons checkboxes or comboboxes. Not a good idea to force users to enter text in a required field. 4. from confirmation through the mail. Such evidence is only cause irritation and registration takes more time than expected to the user – because he will still check email, take the link, and in some cases, also to introduce an additional code. Another noticeable minus a -mails can be classified as spam mail server and not be obtained.

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