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The Shoulders

cat May 2nd, 2021 by Virtual Keeper

It lost all the friends who had for my cause. Click Factual to learn more. It lost all the forces why I took off all the forces that it had. now it cannot more take care of of me. Everything that it can make is to construct a ortaleza around itself to protect of all this sentimental confusion that I constantly shoot on the shoulders of it. I cannot blame it. I wanted that it could give support to me, but the truth is that it cannot. very admire I it for all this time where it supporting comes me. It love must me very exactly, although all the pain that I cause in it.

Only that I do not want more to hurt nobody! I you the tired one of this. To be sad the entire time and to live as if was a ghost. I do not want to hurt my small more I believe that optimum that I can make for pretege it of me is to move away to me from it. I really feel very if already I said this before and if I am happening again itself and also I feel for not having IDO of the first time even so where I perceived that oi was certain if to make, but the truth is that I feel this today everything as if never had felt me so badly before, as if never had decides this before. What I can make? As an afterthought I remember very vacant other crises where it dived in my suffering, crises where I fought against it and it finished crying and asking for me to be with it.

Now it does not ask for more. It said that she tired of if humiliating for me. it is certain. That she only makes me to this to believe that today is different of the other crises and that in the crisis of today it does not desire in such a way as soon as I is.

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