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The Treatment

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The technology should never be considered in isolation in the treatment of the information, but it is the means for an information system meets the purpose for which it was created, optimizing the expected results. b. everything fits all if serious was the problem of considering that technology is the only necessary solution for the treatment of information in an institution and its knowledge generation, it is thinking that a common technology or information system can operate in different organizations, regardless of your business, staff which composed them or strategy information that manage. c. everything is information the third common error encountered is to confuse information with data, thinking that the information is easily storable and, ultimately, that knowledge is the result of technical processes with data, rather than a planned and intelligent information management. Information and knowledge management in the foundations chain informational in documentation sciences there is a series of processes and well-defined tasks that enable institutions and foundations manage scientific information contained in your documents, it is from the discipline called the documentary chain but that effects of the reality of the Spanish foundations we like called chain informational by real-final use of the information contained in the documents as a basis for management. Although there are many classifications, we understand the informational string would be divided into the following processes and tasks: * entry process: allow the entry of information in the system that we will use for its management.

Acquisition task may involve the purchase of information to companies or external institutions. Digitization allows to integrate the information contained in documentary media to digital processes comprehensible by the automated systems of information. Management of information and knowledge on foundations * treatment process: actual documentary activity that involves the representation of the information contained in the documents in a completely different way, in order to facilitate your inquiry or subsequent recovery.

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