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Virtual Environments

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The concept of auto-instrucional ED loses much force in relation to the concepts interactive, therefore in the concept auto-instrucional the pupil can distanciar itself of the proposals of study suggested by the course. In colaborativos and interactive projects of ED, he is possible to unite the easinesses of Virtual Environments of Learning (GRANDFATHER) saw Internet. It is important to notice that the pupil is in the center of the learning process in the distance. But it is not alone in this process, although to be the central focus, is on directly to other people who have as proportional function for the pupil the necessary possibilities for its development. The interpersonal relationship is basic in the education, the good relationship makes with that the pupil is more ' ' solto' ' made use to face the challenges considered for its tutor and colleagues. In accordance with EMERENCIADO, 2009, arelao in the guardianship process has trplice aspect: professor, educator, and tutor. The professor if projects when he collaborates with the student to wake up critical and the creativity, when the judgment plan of and lived deeply exploitation are placed in of already.

The educator assumes its paper when the focus main they are the values that they induce to the autonomy. Of this vision, the two papers if materialize in the guardianship process. In other words, being about construction of knowing, the guardianship is marked by the work to structuralize the study components, to guide, to stimulate and to provoke the participant to construct its proper one to know, leaving of the beginning of that it does not have made reply, to each one competes ' ' criar' ' a marcadamente personal uprising. In the guardianship it has a search dimension that perpassa the learning and is characterized as a presence. The presence is represented as a field where they can coexist last and future, subsidizing projections to be lived independently.

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